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 :: Skogarmaors
Obscurity (CD)
Since the last full-length, the highly acclaimed "Streitmacht" (2017), the band’slin...[more]
 :: Heimkehr
Minas Morgul (CD)
"This is a diverse and powerful record. It leaves listeners excited and continually hints tow...[more]
 :: The Tribes of Witchin…
The Tribes of Witching Souls
Tuatha De Danann (CD)
The Tribes of Witching Souls, according to lead singer Bruno Maia, goes back to the mythical side of...[more]
 :: Vegvisir
Thrudvangar (CD)
Thrudvangar have been an important part of German Viking Metal for almost 20 years and have managed ...[more]
 :: On Ghastly Shores Lay…
On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of our Lore
Old Corpse Road (CD)
OLD CORPSE ROAD return with their new album to breathe new life into the dark and fecund myths and l...[more]
 :: Miserere
Wolves Den (CD)
Black/Death Metal from Munich/Germany "Miserere" will be released on May 15th 2020 and sp...[more]

Wolves Den - New Album! Bands

WOLVES DEN - New Album "Miserere" via Trollzorn

Trollzorn Records proudly presents the new album of Munich/Germany based Wolves Den!

"Miserere" will be released on May 15th 2020 and spits forth 8 wrathful chunks of Black/Death Metal!

On their second full-length, WOLVES DEN take their style to a new level and tighten the thumbscrews with more dirt and aggression, delivering a bloody cocktail that remains true to the roots of the genre, also in 2020. The impressive artwork was created by Lisa Vinstervan.

Get ready for a hellish ride between melancholy and madness and check out the track "Häresie" at this location:

Tracklist: 1. Tides of Hate 2. Pfad ins Dunkel 3. Der Frost in mir 4. Nachtmahr 5. Häresie 6. Antaios 7. Melancholera 8. Nameless Grave

postet at 2020-04-17 09:16A
Old Corpse Road - Album Cover Bands
OLD CORPSE ROAD: Introducing the album cover from the forthcoming album „On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of our Lore“. The album is out on the 15th of May on TrollZorn Records. The artwork was painted by a local artist Kate Van Suddese. The painting is „Flight of the Wyld Swan“, which captures the atmosphere of the album perfectly.

You can see more of here amazing artwork here
postet at 2020-04-07 09:53A
Trollzorn NEWS! Label

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for ALL CDs produced by Trollzorn Records !!!

This offer includes CDs from Bands like:

7th Abyss, Aldaaron, Atomwinter, Black Messiah, Blackshore, Celtachor, Cruachan, Fjoergyn, Gernotshagen, Gwydion, Heimdalls Wacht, Helfahrt, Ignis Fatuu, Ingrimm, Istapp, Kromlek, Menhir, Misantrophic Might, Minas Morgul, Nothgard, Obscurity, Ragnaröek, Skiltron, Stormlord, Svartby, Tarabas, Thorondir, The Privateer, Thyrgrim, Träumen von Aurora, Timor et Tremor, Vogelfrey, Vampyromorpha, Vardlokkur, Wraithcult and Wulfgar!

The direct link to our band overview:

postet at 2020-04-07 08:58A
The Highland Way on VINYL ! Bands


Released 10 years ago and now also available on LP!

We are happy to announce that the popular album “The Highland Way”, from Argentinian Folk Metal Band SKILTRON, has now been released on vinyl too!

postet at 2020-04-07 08:56A
Sonneillon Black Metal !!! Bands

We are proud to present the EP "Cadere et Resurgere" from portuguese Black Metal Band !!!

This EP, released by Trollzorn Records Germany, comes in a jewel case with 5 songs. The release represents 12 years of the band's conquests! They pay honourable tribute to Mayhem`s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, one of their greatest influences, by covering “Pagan Fears”. With this release the band celebrate the past and initiate a new era! Limited to 1000 copies.

Buy the EP for just 6€

postet at 2020-03-20 08:28A
Thrudvangar @ Trollzorn Records Label


Thrudvangar - Viking Metal Band from Germany signs with Trollzorn Records 🤘🤘🤘

postet at 2020-01-22 04:44A
Pirates are coming! Label

We are proud to announce our new deal with RED RUM !!!

Hailing from the Saxon county of Nottinghamshire (England) sails Red Rum; a band of cut-throat pirates, epic vikings and blood-thirsty warriors! An intense six-piece folk metal band that combines a deadly mix of ultra low tuned 7 and 8 string guitars and beautiful mandolin and keyboard melodies, not to mention the epically powerful vocals. 💣⚓️🤘

Here a link to their latest songs:

postet at 2020-01-03 02:36A

Trollzorn is proud to announce a new band under their flag:
SONNEILLON BM is a northern Portuguese extreme metal band from Porto!

Founded in April 2008, the band has managed to carve a place for itself in the Portuguese black metal scene, keeping a very active live schedule and steadily releasing material. Characterized by an aggressive and uncompromising brand of black metal, Sonneillon BM is a fully armed crushing panzer, aimed at bringing you chaos and pure fucking war!!!

Their new EP - Cadere et Resurgere - set to be released in early 2020 through Trollzorn Records, is a testament to the band's history, acknowledging past struggles and setting forth on a renewed and stronger chapter of their career."

postet at 2019-12-14 01:32A
New Svartby CD arrived !!! Bands
SVARTBY from St. Petersburg celebrate their 15th band anniversary with a new release – The brand new conceptual album named Big Boss! The 5th conceptual album tells the story about Svartby's goblins, who ate a magical swamp gumbo and found themselves in the middle of Prohibition Era New York. They rise to power, to become the most infamous and brutal gang - and it would be impossible without a clever guidance of their BIG BOSS! Bootlegging, gunfights, underground clubs - you'll find this all and more at our new release! CD available not at

postet at 2019-12-08 09:47A
Trollzorn News Label
postet at 2019-10-11 05:55A
New Signing Announcements Label
Trollzorn is proud to announce two new bands under their flag:


OLD CORPSE ROAD are hailing from the North of the United Kingdom. Their music flows from fierce Black Metal through to powerful melodic passages and up to serene yet haunting moments based on the dark legends and folklore of the UK. The upcoming new album, entitled "On Ghastly Shores Lays The Wreckage Of Our Lore", is set for a release in early 2020!

WOLVES DEN is a Blackened Death Metal band from Munich, Germany, which was founded in 2013. After some gigs and one demo tape, the first strike was released in 2015, entitled „Deus Vult“. Two tours and lot of gigs all across Europe followed, including some festivals as Ragnaroek, Darktroll, Dark Easter Metal Meeting or Heathen Rock. The second full-length was completed during this year: „Miserere” will be unleashed in early 2020!

postet at 2019-10-10 03:09A
ISTAPP finally return with their fourth longplayer "The Insidious Star" in their known frosty manner!

The album, garnished with an amazing artwork by renowned artist Pär Olofsson, will be released on 26th April 2019 via Trollzorn on CD, LP (including a bonus track) and digitally.

A first track entitled "Natten Da Gud Blundade (1888)" is streaming here:

Ever since their formation in 2005 in the South East of Sweden, ISTAPP deliver brilliant masterpieces of noble Melodic Black Metal and celebrate majestic uplifting Scandinavian art. Impetuous wildness meets highly melodic aesthetics strikingly harmonious!

Tracklist: 1. Eternal Winter 2. Dit Solen Aldrig Nar 3. Natten Da Gud Blundade (1888) 4. Snowball Earth 5. Muspelheim 6. The Alliance of Cold 7. The Insidious Star 8. Vita Doeden 9. Orrekulle

LP Bonus track: "Maifrost" - feat. vocals & lyrics by Alboin (EIS)

postet at 2019-04-04 06:50A
THORONDIR - Album News! Bands
Bavarian Pagan Metallers THORONDIR finally return with their third longplayer after a long break!

"Des Wandrers Mär", the band's first ever concept album, will be released on April 19th via Trollzorn. It tells a coherent story about a fictional world on the edge of the abyss, musically accompanied by majestic, atmospheric Pagan/Black Metal.

Cover: Jan Yrlund / (Korpiklaani, Manowar, Tyr, etc.)

Tracklist: 1. Prolog 2. Rache durch das Schwert 3. Fenriswolf 4. Dunkle Zeichen 5. Thoron 6. Tiefe Narben 7. Den Göttern zu Ehr 8. In der Weite ein Licht 9. Das Totenheer von Barathir 10. Durch des Adlers Augen 11. Schwarze Flut 12. Berserkerwut 13. Epilog
postet at 2019-02-23 08:46A
Kalletal Rockt Festival Live
Our new festival, in the north of Germany! Rock, Punk and Heavy Metal!
Entrance for free! 16 Bands! Campingground!

postet at 2019-01-18 05:06A
New MINAS MORGUL CD in december 2017 !!!

How could you celebrate the 20-year band anniversary with loyal fans better than with a colossal work like this? MINAS MORGUL has four key words: „Kult“! In 2017, the Brandenburger sons of hate crush their incredibly expressive Pagan Black Metal not only with the most productive vehemence in the dark universe, but it is also as multifaceted as never before. The new, bang-up sound of this sixth album carries the new hammersongs on omnipotent wings of soundscapes, which is a great addition to all elements. With the usual iron determination, the material glows out of pure idealism, forged by immense obsession, with all the original ideas and melodies flying like giant sparks into the ear.

The perfidious recipe of the fatalmurderous rhythm on „Kult“ consists mainly of brawny destructiveness, relentless driving sharpness and controlled rapid staccato outbursts. Pure precision! „Kult“, deep in the soul tough and uncompromising, breathes in many moments a wonderful, epic expanse. MINAS MORGUL rise triumphantly to a theatrical size, which draws its food from primordial force and Teutonic rage. The whole is crowned by a casual Nordic coolness, which makes majestic feelings rise high. As a guest vocalist Robse from Equilibrium in „Nur eine Kugel“ gives the throaty honor. A lasting impressive spectacle!

postet at 2017-11-16 09:29A
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