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 :: Skogarmaors
Obscurity (CD)
Since the last full-length, the highly acclaimed "Streitmacht" (2017), the band’slin...[more]
 :: Heimkehr
Minas Morgul (CD)
"This is a diverse and powerful record. It leaves listeners excited and continually hints tow...[more]
 :: The Tribes of Witchin…
The Tribes of Witching Souls
Tuatha De Danann (CD)
The Tribes of Witching Souls, according to lead singer Bruno Maia, goes back to the mythical side of...[more]
 :: Vegvisir
Thrudvangar (CD)
Thrudvangar have been an important part of German Viking Metal for almost 20 years and have managed ...[more]
 :: On Ghastly Shores Lay…
On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of our Lore
Old Corpse Road (CD)
OLD CORPSE ROAD return with their new album to breathe new life into the dark and fecund myths and l...[more]
 :: Miserere
Wolves Den (CD)
Black/Death Metal from Munich/Germany "Miserere" will be released on May 15th 2020 and sp...[more]

Gwydion CD Release! Bands
Viking/Folk Metallers from GWYDION will celebrate the release of their new album "HORN TRISKELION" with an Online MySpace Release Party where the entire album will be for streaming for a couple of hours ! This event will take place at Thursday, April 08 2010 from 20.00 till 24.00 CET at . The new album will be released this week at Friday, April 09 via SMP/Trollzorn Records. All details about the new album, including the full version of the new single, a video teaser and samples can be found at
postet at 2010-04-06 01:09A
Wulfgar CD Release Bands


Wulfgar CD-Release Concert, at the 19th march in Sweden!!

postet at 2010-03-03 08:01A
New Videos online! Bands
Three of the Trollzorn bands (GWYDION, HELFAHRT and TARABAS) present their new videos with songs from their upcoming cds! (Find them on the right side of our website!)
postet at 2010-01-28 02:39A
GWYDION reveals new details! Bands

Today, the Portugese Viking/Folk Band GWYDION has revealed the new cover artwork and tracklist for their upcoming CD Horn Triskelion, which is set to be released at April 9, 2010 via SMP/Trollzorn Records. Next to this a brand new MySpace design has been uploaded based on the CD's artwork, including 1 sample from the new track From Hel To Asgard.And last but not least, the band has uploaded a videotrailer about Horn Triskelion: more music, more artwork, interviews with the band members .. Make sure to check it out!

postet at 2010-01-28 02:32A
Gwydion reveals album, title and release date! Bands

The Portugese Viking/Folk band GWYDION have completed the work on their new CD and will release the new album, which is titled " Horn Triskelion ", on April 09 via SMP/Trollzorn Records.

"Horn Triskelion" was recorded and produced by Fernando Matias (F.E.V.E.R.) in the Urban Insect Studios in Portugal, and mixed and mastered by Børge Finstad (who has worked together with bands as Mayhem, Borknagar, Enslaved, Ulver, Theatre of Thragedy, Vintersorg among others) at Toproom Studios in Norway. The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund ( Týr, Korpiklaani, Svartsot among others ) and will be revealed shortly. For more information, please go to :

postet at 2010-01-14 12:18A
The Gauls are coming! Bands
In the "double impact" we joyfully announce that the two Gallic bands NYDVIND and BRAN BARR will publish their upcoming albums on TrollZorn! Both CDs are already complete and will be sold at the Black Troll Winterfest in Essen/Germany at the 27th december. Nydvind will also play at this concert. Band info, photos and more information about these two French artists will find, as usual in our band section!
postet at 2009-10-21 08:15A
Medieval Folk Metal! Bands

We are proud to announce that the german Medieval / Folk Metal Band VOGELFREY signed at Trollzorn records! The first full length album will be relesed in springtime 2010...

postet at 2009-10-16 02:30A
Menhir Music-Video online! Bands
The first official Menhir Video! (Find it on the right part of this page) Parts from the Ragnarök Festival last year together with clips from their re-enactment groups Ulfhednar / Gervina!
postet at 2009-10-07 10:25A
Helfahrt Bands
The bavarian Pagan Black formation HELFAHRT announce the title of their upcoming release -> DRIFA ... Drifa is a daughter from the glacier-colossus Jökull in the northern mythology and stands for "frost" + "ice" + "snow"... The recordings will start in november and the release will be expected early 2010.
postet at 2009-09-14 10:05A
Label news Label

Hi Folk! We have three new releases in the next future.

The first CD will be the second longplayer from the russian "Brutal Folk Metal" Band Svartby. The cd will be in stores around end of july. The title is "Riv, Hugg och Bit"...

Next ones are the german band Tarabas, which playes Melodic Pagan Metal. Their new output will carry the name "Ein neues Land" (A new land). We expect the ready disc around october...

Fjoergyn, from Thuringia / Germany, will release their third CD "Jahreszeiten" end of september, on their tour with Dornenreich.

Swedish Viking Metal Band Wulfgar is also in progress recording their second CD. I think we will have them on our tables at the end of this year also.

postet at 2009-06-24 09:25A
Fjoergyn (New CD through Trollzorn Records) Label
We are proud to announce that the new album "Jahrezeiten" from the german band Fjoergyn will be released through Trollzorn Records in late summe this year. The recordings will start in may....
postet at 2009-05-04 04:13A
Black Troll Festival Live
In june 2009 the two Label BLACK BARDS and TROLLZORN Records will make a kind of a label festival with the leading bands of the Folk/Pagan Metal scene! The festival will take place in the heart of germany, near the town "Eisleben" (Sachsen-Anhalt). The place is an old castle ruin where you also will find a medieval market and medieval activities... Bands like Menhir, Adorned Brood, Kromlek or Gernotshagen will play at this event! More informations you can find on the website:
postet at 2009-02-25 10:02A
New Trollzorn Releases in March 09! Label

Two new releases from the Trollzorn cave!

The first one is the brand new album of one of the best german viking/black metal band called OBSCURITY! After this band changed from Massacre Records to our house, this new masterpiece of pure Viking Black Metal will see the daylight at the 6th march!

The second band is RAGNARÖEK, from germany east coast - Medieval Rock/Metal supported by bagpipes and a cool Rock`n`Roll sound! For fans from In Extremo or Schandmaul surely an interesting release!

More informations about the band and the releases you find in the band or release section!

postet at 2009-02-25 09:56A
Our label website in a new face! Label
A trollish Hello!
As you see, we built a new website for you, with more informations about our bands and releases. Hope you enjoy the new site! You find more informations about all our releases, our bands, tourdates and many more...
postet at 2009-02-02 08:32A
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