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 :: Elemental Tales
Elemental Tales Svartby (CD)
"Elemental Tales is a very fast album, it's just speed, speed and speed with a furious drive..." Giftsvamp speaks about the new album: "What we really wanted to do this time, is to get rid of complexity and dull groove elements of the previous release. Svartby means "fun", we are one of the merriest bands in folk-metal, so that's what we want to give you this time." How they did it? You shouldn't expect any style changes, it's Giftsvamp's & Lindwurm's composing …[more]
Shop :: Eiskalt
Eiskalt Ragnaröek (CD)
The mythical bagpipe of the ferryman promises the North German minstrels immortality. And with no mercy they present their long-awaited second album “Eiskalt” (Ice cold). After the success of the first longplayer “Rache” (Revenge) there will be much more for everyone
- more battle songs, more hard metal, more RAG'N'ROLL. Yes, it's time and it was also necessary to take this long time to create this songs. The new album is nothing hastily retracted, but a …[more]
Shop :: Elivagar - Heirs of the ancient tales (CD)
Elivagar - Heirs of the ancient tales (CD) Folk / Death Metal aus dem Schaumburger Land!
01: Ashore the Elivagar
02: Followers of ancient Tales
03: Ruhm der Schlacht
04: Fone demo anneginne...
05: Schlachtgelage
06: Blutrache
07: Children's Crusade
08: Nightwandering
09: Darkland
10: Call of the Sea
11: Lender swanne die Reise …[more]
Shop :: Elexorien - Elexorien (CD)
Elexorien - Elexorien (CD) Epischer Battle Metal aus den Niederlanden!
The gates to other worlds are opened on the epic debut album of the Dutch formation. Great songs of battle and epic hymns tell of fantastic stories and wars in ancient times. Iné's fairy-like vocals combined with Lainedil's warcries underline the class Elexorien already operates in with their first album. There is no place left to run – Prepare for frenzied slaughter as Elexorien will relentlessly crush all opposing hordes with the full force of Epic Battle Metal!"

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 :: Kalletal Rockt 2019

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