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 :: Fiannaìocht
Fiannaìocht Celtachor (CD)

"The melding of Celtic and black metal creates this interesting fusion of themes that works incredibly well." - Distorted Sound (UK), 8/10

"Fans of the more serious forms of folk metal do well to listen to this tasteful piece of Celtachor's black metal garnished album." - (NL), 83/100

"A fine album from the Celtic fringes and played with soul." - Ave Noctum (UK), 8/10

"Amazing positive surprise!" - Lords Of Metal (NL), 85/100

& …[more]
 :: For cold shades
For cold shades Timor et Tremor (CD)
TIMOR ET TREMOR (translated fear and trembling) have released two albums (plus a demo and an EP) since their foundation in 2005, making the band from Germany an insiders' tip. But with "For Cold Shades" they made a remarkable breakthrough. To cut a long story short, the Hessians simply combined the best elements of Black and Dark Metal and forged a completely rounded piece of art. The album starts with a thunderstorm, maybe not the most clever idea. My first apprehension was another di …[more]
 :: Fiendish Tales of Doom
Fiendish Tales of Doom Vampyromorpha (CD)
Born from the depths of the bloody oceans of hell and shaped by the most disturbing trash horror movies, VAMPYROMORPHA is out to play spaced out Adult Oriented Doom Metal drenched in gallons of red wine and frightening tales of sinisterness and sickness.

This unique project was founded by Nemes Black (Guitar, Bass Guitar & Drums) and Jim Grant (Vocals, Hammond) in 2014 and will unveil its very first recording via German-based record label Trollzorn Records on May 27th this year. The debut …[more]
 :: Frostbiten
Frostbiten Istapp (CD)
Wholeheartedly set to Frost! „Icicle“ is the translation of the band‘s name. A damn right choice. Ever since the founding in 2005 in the South East of Sweden is all about deepest chilling and darkest interests. Once, planet earth was covered in snow, ice and glaciers. Then the foul solar depending creatures swarmed the earth with its repulsive existence. Now it is time to reverse the process and recreate Snowball Earth. ISTAPP finally presents an antidote for the su …[more]
 :: Facing the tempest
Facing the tempest The Privateer (CD)
Pirate metal can be played by other bands than Running Wild, Alestorm etc. The band from Freiburg, Germany is called The Privateer, and they make an excellent combination of pirate metal and power metal on their new record Facing The Tempest. The beautiful artwork on the CD indicate pirate metal as their main style, and The Privateer use violins and flute as battling tools for their fight against the enemies. Pablo Heist sings like he is a true sailor with wind in his hair, and a bottle by his s …[more]
Shop :: Finis Terræ
Finis Terræ Kromlek (CD)
Finis Terræ is Latin for „the end/edge of the world“. It is obvious that this term includes more than one single meaning. And as complex as the composition is the lyrical periphery of the album title. The most evident meaning is of course „the Apocalypse“ in all its moribund and mythological interpretations. That level is coined significantly by three main aspects: Kali Yuga [Hinduism], Apocalypse [the Gospel according to John/Christianity] & Ragnarö …[more]
 :: Fimbulthier - The battle begins... (CD)
Fimbulthier - The battle begins... (CD) Melodic Viking Metal aus Sachsen!
A story about a warrior is told, which revokes from christian cant, bethinks to his origins(Blinded by Hypocrisy) and comes together with his brothers(Predators in a human shape). From Odin they get auspicious signs to fight(March and Fight) and starting sail on there dragonboats towards south(With Fire and Claws).After there recurrence, they sitting on a bonfire and telling stories about glorious battles(Battlesong). Now the Fimbulwinter arrives and great battles occur(…and thousand …[more]
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