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Shop :: Kromlek - Strange Rumours ... Distant Tremors (CD)
Kromlek - Strange Rumours ... Distant Tremors (CD) Das Debutalbum der Viking Metal Band aus Franken!
The Bavarian Formation KromleK was founded in 2004. After a short Black Metal time the band became a more epic oriented Viking Metal Band. Because of the mixture of Norse folk and bombastic Viking Metal, combined with a constant urge to experiment and an obvious epic vein KromleK has meanwhile liberated itself from the inappropriate stamp ‘another band riding the Pagan-wave’ and rose up to a name well-known not only in Bavaria but whole Germany’s Pagan/Viking Metal- …[more]
Shop :: Kromlek - Kveldridhur (MCD)
Kromlek - Kveldridhur (MCD) Das Erstlingswerk der bayerischen Trolle!

The Debut Mini CD from this south german Viking Metal group!

Intro: KrossaMarsch
Strandhagg Pt. I
Ode an den Feuergott
Pilz Prinz Polka
Träskens Näve
Outro: Gryning... Och Allt Blir Sten
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