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 :: Meisterstich
Meisterstich Ignis Fatuu (CD)
The new CD „Meisterstich“ from the medieval-rock band IGNIS FATUU
Albrecht Dürer rocks!

On the occasion of  the 500 year anniversary of Albrecht Dürer, Ignis Fatuu dedicated their whole new Album „Meisterstich“ to him and his outstanding works. It is the first concept album in the band's history which contains 13 powerful, soulful and detailed songs ranging from ballad to metal tunes, spiced with flutes, bagpipe and hurdy gurdy.

On top of the w …[more]
 :: Monolith
Monolith The Privateer (CD)
The pirates are back! The Privateer releases with ‘Monolith’ their second album. While people usually think of Alestorm or Swashbuckle when the term ‘pirate metal’ is called, there is obviously more than just these two bands. The Privateer is a great example.
The Privateer doesn’t sound like the before-mentioned bands, not at all! It’s a mix of melodic deathmetal, acoustic passages, here and there some influences of classic heavy metal …[more]
 :: Monument Ende
Monument Ende Fjoergyn (CD)
The waiting has come to an end. After four long years of preparation the Thuringian masters of avantgarde metal are finally back in the business with their fourth full-length album “Monument Ende”. The first three outputs, that can be seen as part of one concept, have left band the wondering how to go on with Fjoergyn, both musically and lyrically. As Fjoergyn-mastermind Stephan L. indicated earlier on, they have been trying to create something completely new, so the first st …[more]
Shop :: Midgardian Metal
Midgardian Metal Wulfgar (CD)
Scream-throat Emil Augustsson, lead guitarist Jimmie Mattisson, bass guitarist Morgan Löfstedt and battle-drummer Thommy Lindskog gathered their Swedish Viking souls in 2005 in Kristianstad-Sölvesborg. Furthermore pure and brave done Epic Viking Death Metal style should it be from now on, and the ambitioned horde had no inner rest since then. After some first celebrated stage-attacks Wulfgar recorded a first – and pretty successful – demo-disc, which got the comprehensible …[more]
Shop :: Menhir - Hildebrandslied & Barditus (DCD)
Menhir - Hildebrandslied & Barditus (DCD) Menhir (CD)
This is the re-release of the "Hildebrandslied" DinA5 Digi CD, included the remastered Songs from their first Demo "Barditus" from the year 1996! So, here we have a double CD with a 12 page booklet... for more informations please use the normal "Hildebrandslied" production, there you find more about this band and cd...

01. Das alte Lied des Windes
02. Des Kriegers Gesicht - Ulfhednar
03. Intro
04. Das Hildebrandslied Teil 1 (rightclick, save as)
Shop :: Menhir - Hildebrandslied (DinA5 CD)
Menhir - Hildebrandslied (DinA5 CD) Germanys Pagan Metal band number one, which was founded in 1995, are back with their long awaited fullalbum “Hildebrandslied”. Seven songs will tell you stories about ancient times.This album, in all kinds, is the highlight of the long music career of Menhir. More Epic and more heroic than ever ! A very beautiful A5 Digibook underlines this “must have” output.

01. Das alte Lied des Windes
02. Des Kriegers Gesicht - Ulfhednar
03. Intro
0 …[more]
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Menhir - Hildebrandslied

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