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REKONVALESZENZ träumen von aurora (CD)
The successor ties in with the debut album sehnsuchts wogen released as recently as last June both lyrically and musically. Even though the lyrical I hoped to have overcome the loss of a significant person, despair takes over once again right at the beginning of REKOVALESZENZ (convalescence), more flamingly as before, slowly yielding a sane resignation. Musically, this change is shown in a smooth transition from black metal to postrock, the two genres which in their combination form …[more]
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Rise Fimbulthier (CD)
With their 2007 debut album "The Battle Begins" is Fimbulthier ordered, nor on the Pagan Metal. Three years later, and some cast changes from the group a melodic death metal band has become. Fimbulthier bring their sound to a high speed at which they also hold almost continuously. Blast beats of the drums are not used continuously, but when they occur provide additional momentum. Especially when the game reaches its peak speed, can Fimbulthier sometimes more and sometimes less clearly …[more]
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Riv, Hugg och Bit Svartby (CD)
Riv, Hugg och Bit is the title of the brand new output of these fantastic Brutal Folk Metal Band from St. Petersburg! Let´s make something clear: These Russian Metalheads are not a copy of Finntroll, for example! Why not? Cause Svartby does not sing about Trolls and so the lyrics does not deal with Troll-Stories - No! They tell about their own magic world, about the Svartby village deep in the woods, far away from the humans world – a story about the wild and brutal Dwarfs :)
Thi …[more]
Shop :: Ragnaröek - Rache (CD)
Ragnaröek - Rache (CD) Ragnaröek (CD)
Medieval Rock/Metal from germanys east coast!
01. Spielmann
02. Rache
03. Meister Röckle
04. Diener
05 Knochenschiff
06. tanz mit mir
07. Fleisch (rightclick, save under)
08. Feuertanz
09. Ragnaröek
10. Totentanz
11. Küss mich
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