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 :: Streitmacht
Streitmacht Obscurity (CD)
“Streitmacht” (meaning Army/Armed Forces) is the 8th full-length album of the five warriors from the Bergisches Land and will be released on time to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. The new blade features all muscial variations of the genre, as elements of Black, Death and Viking Metal are combined to become “Battle Metal”, which is typical of Obscurity. “Streitmacht” is supposed to express the band’s huge than …[more]
 :: Skiltron & Stormlord (Re-releases)
Skiltron & Stormlord (Re-releases) Skiltron & Stormlord (CDs)
At the 29th pf may, Trollzorn released three CDs from the southamerican band SKILTRON and one Album from STORMLORD (Italy)...

STOMRLORD - Mare Nostrum

01. Mare Nostrum 02. Neon Karma 03. Legacy of The Snake 04. Emet 05. The Castaway 06. Scorn 07. And The Wind Shall Scream My Name 08. Dimension: Hate 09. Stormlord
Bonus: 10. Neon Karma (Demo 2007) 11. Mare Nostrum (Demo 2007) 12. Legacy Of The Snake (Demo 2007) 13. Dimension: Hate (Demo 2007) 14. Mare Nostrum (Live on Radio 2014)

SKILT …[more]
 :: Sehnsuchts Wogen
Sehnsuchts Wogen träumen von aurora (CD)
The band's debut album is conceived of two parts and deals with a break-up and the attempt at overcoming the yearning for the situation which is no more.
The first part, consisting of the pieces »insomnia«, »parfüm«, »welknis«, »neontot« and »flucht«, is about the thoughts and feelings before and immediately after the end of the first person narrator's intense relationship with another person, whereas the second part, consisting of the pieces »firn« and »reflektionen«, restrospec …[more]
Shop :: Sidh
Sidh Bran Barr (CD)
Founded 1995, Bran Barr got their grand own Celtic Folk Metal style – and the new and 2nd album Sidh shows them in top shape luckily: breath-taking, stormy hymns of the finest class!
Shop :: Sworn to the elders
Sworn to the elders Nydvind (CD)
Truly unique Epic Nordic Heathen Metal by these highly talented French summoners! Their drag-along new release contains majestic hymns of the deeply touching kind!
Shop :: Svartby - Kom I Min Kittel (CD)
Svartby - Kom I Min Kittel (CD) Finntroll war gestern...

Folk Black Metal

Songs: 1. Häxby 2. Kom I Min Kittel 3. Skogens Ursinne 4. Om Trollbryggning 5. Solnedgång Över Träsk 6. Flykt Över Sömnigt Land 7. Skada Över Er! 8. Moder Av Alla Häxor 9. Julen Av Vedergällning 10. Stjärnfull Natt
Shop :: Slartibartfass - Nebelheim (CD)
Slartibartfass - Nebelheim (CD) After the band released the first Demo CD "Nordwind" in 2006, which is not available anymore, we released this first Studio Album from this german Folk / Viking Metal Band one year later... We wish the band all the best for the future! Cheers!

01. Einleitung
02. Herbstlied
03. St. Cuthbert
04. Erdmacht
05 .Rache der Kobolde
06. Asatru
07. Keltenschanze

Bandhistory so far: …[more]
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 :: Trollzorn @ Trollzorn

Obscurity - Fimbul Winter

Minas Morgul Album Preview

träumen von aurora - Album preview

Menhir - Hildebrandslied

Timor et Tremor - Album preview

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