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 :: The Insidious Star
The Insidious Star Istapp (CD)
ISTAPP finally return with their fourth longplayer "The Insidious Star" in their known frosty manner! The album, garnished with an amazing artwork by renowned artist Pär Olofsson, will be released on 26th April 2019 via Trollzorn on CD, LP (including a bonustrack) and digitally. A first track entitled "Natten Da Gud Blundade (1888)" is streaming here: Ever since their formation in 2005 in the South East of Sweden, ISTAPP deliver brilliant mast …[more]
Shop :: Tenkterra
Tenkterra Obscurity (CD)
The German Black/Death/Viking Metal band OBSCURITY has just set the release date for their upcoming album "TENKTERRA" at November 12, 2010. The band will release their new album through SMP/TROLLZORN RECORDS.
TENKTERRA is recorded by Tim Schuldt at 4CN-Studio in Wuppertal (Germany). The mixing and mastering took place in Dead Rat Studio (Aarhus - Denmark) by Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatespehere). And all artwork is delivered by Jan Yrlund from Darkgrove Designs ( – also Týr, K …[more]
Shop :: Tarabas - Aus alter Zeit (CD)
Tarabas - Aus alter Zeit (CD) Melodischer Pagan / Death Metal aus Magdeburg!

01. Samhain 
02. Warlord
03. Kane
04. Aus alter Zeit
05. Falcon
06. Bloodthirst
07. Die Wiederkehr
08. Hero
09. Dekaden des Leides
Playtime: 53 min.
 :: Thiasos Dionysos - Satyr (CD)
Thiasos Dionysos - Satyr (CD) CD is sold out !

01. Siegestanz
02. Thyrsos, the stick of Mainades
03. Der Ahnenruf
04. Recovering Mjöllnir
05. Satyr
06. Hymiskvida
07. Ein keltischer Morgen
08. Heidrun
09. Widar comes …[more]
 :: Teufelswerk & Narrentanz - Minnemetal (CD)
Teufelswerk & Narrentanz - Minnemetal (CD) Mittelalter Rock / Metal

This was our first release many many years ago :)
The CD is sold out since 2008.

Teufelswerk & Narrentanz played medieval folk rock/metal. "Played" cause they stopped making music a few yeas ago... very bad!

But maybe once a day they will be back?!
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 :: Trollzorn @ Trollzorn




Menhir - Hildebrandslied

Timor et Tremor - Album preview

 :: Kalletal Rockt 2019

 :: Kalletal Rockt

 :: Kalletal Rockt 2019

 :: Kalletal Rockt

 :: Northern Darkness HMC

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