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 :: Catacombs
Catacombs Atomwinter (CD)
The third full length album is the tuned morbid underworld! "Catacombs" creates a sinister and merciless, threatening atmosphere. Broad, dark riffs, a powerful rhythm section and voluminous, extensive growls combine to create concentrated energy. An organic, powerful mix, with the right amount of dirt to speak for itself. Oldschool Death Metal could not be more authentic. Each piece has its own character and yet again forms part of the complete work. Each of the ten songs tears down th …[more]
 :: Kult
Kult Minas Morgul (CD)
How could you celebrate the 20-year band anniversary with loyal fans better than with a colossal work like this? MINAS MORGUL has four key words: „Kult“! In 2017, the Brandenburger sons of hate crush their incredibly expressive Pagan Black Metal not only with the most productive vehemence in the dark universe, but it is also as multifaceted as never before. The new, bang-up sound of this sixth album carries the new hammersongs on omnipotent wings of soundscapes, which is a gr …[more]
 :: Vermächtnis
Vermächtnis Thyrgrim (CD)
"Behold, the fire burns my stigma onto your forehead, for I will build my legacy upon your ashes." We don’t reinvent Black Metal – we give it the right face! Instead of mindless musical experimentations, we use well proven styles to create new art with old traditions. Hate, void, grief, anger. Our music is born from the simplest, most primal emotions, and reflects the deepest pits of human existence in every single song. Raw and direct, without compromises. We pre …[more]
 :: Streitmacht
Streitmacht Obscurity (CD)
“Streitmacht” (meaning Army/Armed Forces) is the 8th full-length album of the five warriors from the Bergisches Land and will be released on time to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. The new blade features all muscial variations of the genre, as elements of Black, Death and Viking Metal are combined to become “Battle Metal”, which is typical of Obscurity. “Streitmacht” is supposed to express the band’s huge than …[more]
 :: Walls of Vanaheim
Walls of Vanaheim Black Messiah (CD)
Anyone who has closely followed the lively development of this Ruhrpott legend since the founding, knows exactly about the always upright and loyal attitude of the inflexible legation. When Germany’s Black Messiah came to the public in 1992, the Metal world was still quite different from what it currently is. But to this day, the singing leader Zagan with his guitar, violin and titanic passion held fast to his immovable ideals. And what began courageous as an innovative-folkish Pagan B …[more]
 :: Geisterseher
Geisterseher Heimdalls Wacht (CD)
A warning sign and a lamentation… invoking what once was and never will be again!

Heimdalls Wacht is the sound and the fury of our present era, reproaching the modern world in its pervasive conformity and mindless stupidity. Clamoring wrath! Shrieking desperation! Sonic weltschmerz! Withdrawn melancholy! Heimdalls Wacht’s music, lyrics, and overall concept provide an outlet for a deep-rooted uneasiness, a discomfort in the face of an empty zeitgeist and the monotony of th …[more]
 :: Legacy of Blood
Legacy of Blood Skiltron (CD)
The fifth album „Legacy Of Blood“ shows the musical fortunes of the Argentine Celtic Folk Metal legation in absolute perfection. Finally, the thoughtful tracks of current successor for the 2013 published plate „Into The Battle Ground“ showcases also a playing level at its best. And the 2004 in the metropolis of Buenos Aires founded power-troupe provides on compositional terrain the pure variety! With bulging blown bagpipes and lively purred Tin Whistle the …[more]
 :: For cold shades
For cold shades Timor et Tremor (CD)
TIMOR ET TREMOR (translated fear and trembling) have released two albums (plus a demo and an EP) since their foundation in 2005, making the band from Germany an insiders' tip. But with "For Cold Shades" they made a remarkable breakthrough. To cut a long story short, the Hessians simply combined the best elements of Black and Dark Metal and forged a completely rounded piece of art. The album starts with a thunderstorm, maybe not the most clever idea. My first apprehension was another di …[more]
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