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 :: Unendlich viele Wege
Unendlich viele Wege Ignis Fatuu (CD)
Nuremberg's own medieval metalers IGNIS FATUU have pushed the boundaries of what has become a very overcrowded genre. The band formed in 2004 in Nuremberg, Germany and signed to Trollzorn in 2010.

To date they have released two albums the first was 2009's "Es werde licht (Let there be light) Their last release 2011" Neue Ufer " (new shore) revived both fan and media acclaim. 
Last year IGNIS FATUU made their Waken open air debut playing the Wackinger stage.
The 7th march wil …[more]
 :: Henkt Ihn!
Henkt Ihn! Ingrimm (CD)
Everybody has some kind of idea what the music sounds like when they hear the term ‘Mittelalterrock’. However, Ingrimm is a bit different, because Ingrimm tends to be a lot harsher than the great bands from the genre like In Extremo or Saltatio Mortis. The band sounds a bit more ‘metal’, with sometimes teven Thrashy influences, and the vocals doesn’t sound so ‘pinched’ as the other bands I just mentioned.
The music, that& …[more]
 :: Hagge Schnigge!
Hagge Schnigge! Hinterhof (CD)
Auf einem düsteren Hinterhof ins Leben geschrien, breitete sich diese Musikantengeburt sehr bald und
zielstrebig über alle Wege und Straßen Teutonistans nebst Anrainer aus. Nichts konnte sie an einer Stelle halten. Weder die Verlockungen der beiwohnenden Mägdelein noch die Ingredienzien berauschender Getränke. Es wurde gespielt, gesungen, gelacht, geliebt. Gossen und Alleen, Kaschemmen und Paläste, Kirchen und Freudenhäuser... es schien unmöglich etwas von diesem heiteren Haufen in eine …[more]
 :: Monolith
Monolith The Privateer (CD)
The pirates are back! The Privateer releases with ‘Monolith’ their second album. While people usually think of Alestorm or Swashbuckle when the term ‘pirate metal’ is called, there is obviously more than just these two bands. The Privateer is a great example.
The Privateer doesn’t sound like the before-mentioned bands, not at all! It’s a mix of melodic deathmetal, acoustic passages, here and there some influences of classic heavy metal …[more]
 :: Hesperia
Hesperia Stormlord (CD)

With a career spanning over 20 years, four full-length albums released so far and hundreds of live gigs performed worldwide, Stormlord is one of Italy’s most celebrated extreme metal bands .The style of the band, classified as Extreme Epic Metal, blends influences from black metal, death metal, mediterranean folk music and symphonic music, creating an unique and recognizable sound supported by legions of loyal fans since 1991.

The new album, entitled “Hesperia” …[more]
 :: Monument Ende
Monument Ende Fjoergyn (CD)
The waiting has come to an end. After four long years of preparation the Thuringian masters of avantgarde metal are finally back in the business with their fourth full-length album “Monument Ende”. The first three outputs, that can be seen as part of one concept, have left band the wondering how to go on with Fjoergyn, both musically and lyrically. As Fjoergyn-mastermind Stephan L. indicated earlier on, they have been trying to create something completely new, so the first st …[more]
 :: Wenn alle Worte schweigen
Wenn alle Worte schweigen Ignis Fatuu (Single CD)
It’s been a while since we heard something from Ignis Fatuu, this isn’t strange if you know they parted with their singer last year. Changes of vocalist are always a bit risky, but they have to be made sometimes. A new singer can give a bit a whole new sound. Fortunately Ignis Fatuu doesn’t let us wait for their full length to listen to their new singer. Now they’ve released a single, giving us the opportunity to listen to their new singer.
This single co …[more]
REKONVALESZENZ träumen von aurora (CD)
The successor ties in with the debut album sehnsuchts wogen released as recently as last June both lyrically and musically. Even though the lyrical I hoped to have overcome the loss of a significant person, despair takes over once again right at the beginning of REKOVALESZENZ (convalescence), more flamingly as before, slowly yielding a sane resignation. Musically, this change is shown in a smooth transition from black metal to postrock, the two genres which in their combination form …[more]
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