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 :: Neue Ufer
Neue Ufer Ignis Fatuu (CD)
Celebrating fastidious Medival Rock now a days, far off known bands, that have defined and revolutionised the scene, truly is not an easy task.To furthermore invent something genuinely new is even harder. Ignis Fatuu manage the challenge in their very own way: The band does know how to embed medival sound in modern sound and thereby creates its very own music. Influenced on the one hand by punk, on the other hand in large parts by the driving Hard Rock of the late 80s and early 90s, the band aga …[more]
Shop :: Tenkterra
Tenkterra Obscurity (CD)
The German Black/Death/Viking Metal band OBSCURITY has just set the release date for their upcoming album "TENKTERRA" at November 12, 2010. The band will release their new album through SMP/TROLLZORN RECORDS.
TENKTERRA is recorded by Tim Schuldt at 4CN-Studio in Wuppertal (Germany). The mixing and mastering took place in Dead Rat Studio (Aarhus - Denmark) by Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatespehere). And all artwork is delivered by Jan Yrlund from Darkgrove Designs ( – also Týr, K …[more]
Shop :: Wiegenfest
Wiegenfest Vogelfrey (CD)
Vogelfrey stands for a sophisticated, self-contained mix of medieval music,folk, rock and metal. Called folk metal! Founded in spring 2004 Hamburg/Germany, the band has played many venues in locations across Germany and several open air festivals with bands as Corvus Corax, Schelmish or Haggard. The band performs with authentic ancient outfits and cheerful show-interludes. The lyrics include all kinds of shades, melancholic, funny, gloomy or meaningful, according to the various types of songs. E …[more]
Shop :: Rise
Rise Fimbulthier (CD)
With their 2007 debut album "The Battle Begins" is Fimbulthier ordered, nor on the Pagan Metal. Three years later, and some cast changes from the group a melodic death metal band has become. Fimbulthier bring their sound to a high speed at which they also hold almost continuously. Blast beats of the drums are not used continuously, but when they occur provide additional momentum. Especially when the game reaches its peak speed, can Fimbulthier sometimes more and sometimes less clearly …[more]
Shop :: Drifa
Drifa Helfahrt (CD)
Helfahrt (translated "the journey to Helheim and the land of the dead) stands for atmospheric but agressive Black Metal/Pagan Metal in the vein of the 90ies, combined with a portion of grooving Rockn..Roll as well as atmosphere and melancholy. The contents and lyrics of the five ambitioned musicians from Munich, are basically about desperation, sorrow, death, life as well as a metaphorical view upon the germanic mythology and customs of the cultures of the alps. In January 2009 the band wa …[more]
Shop :: Horn Triskelion
Horn Triskelion Gwydion (CD)
Horn Triskelion was recorded and produced by Fernando Matias (F.E.V.E.R.) in the Urban Insect Studios in Portugal, and mixed and mastered by Børge Finstad (who has worked together with bands as Arcturus, Mayhem, Borknagar, Enslaved, Ulver, Tristania, Ava Inferi, Theatre of Thragedy, Vintersorg, Shining, Àsmegin among others) at Toproom Studios in Norway. The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund from Darkgrove Designs (Týr, Korpiklaani, Stratovarius, Svartsot, Imperia, Sirenia among others).
Shop :: Midgardian Metal
Midgardian Metal Wulfgar (CD)
Scream-throat Emil Augustsson, lead guitarist Jimmie Mattisson, bass guitarist Morgan Löfstedt and battle-drummer Thommy Lindskog gathered their Swedish Viking souls in 2005 in Kristianstad-Sölvesborg. Furthermore pure and brave done Epic Viking Death Metal style should it be from now on, and the ambitioned horde had no inner rest since then. After some first celebrated stage-attacks Wulfgar recorded a first – and pretty successful – demo-disc, which got the comprehensible …[more]
Shop :: Das neue Land
Das neue Land Tarabas (CD)
On 26 February the german band TARABAS released their second CD. With their combination of melodic Pagan / Death, and her love for traditional Heavy Metal, inviting this new work called "The New Land" for a journey to a bygone day. Again the songs tell stories of old times, without dipping into  the typical themes of Norse mythology and other pagan stories. Tarabas have created their own harsh world - a music album on which the term "metal" is still praised as he once was an …[more]
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 :: Trollzorn @ Trollzorn

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