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Shop :: Sidh
Sidh Bran Barr (CD)
Founded 1995, Bran Barr got their grand own Celtic Folk Metal style – and the new and 2nd album Sidh shows them in top shape luckily: breath-taking, stormy hymns of the finest class!
Shop :: Sworn to the elders
Sworn to the elders Nydvind (CD)
Truly unique Epic Nordic Heathen Metal by these highly talented French summoners! Their drag-along new release contains majestic hymns of the deeply touching kind!
Shop :: Jahreszeiten
Jahreszeiten Fjoergyn (CD)
Fjoergyn will release their new album in November 2009 with the title: Jahreszeiten (seasons).
The musical concept attaches directly to the two previous albums, but here turns out to be as technically sound and has seen incredible growth and experimentation . "Seasons" is the musical highlight recent Fjoergyn to finish it were the promised trilogy.  Fjoergyn deal now more than ever, striking style, assignments, and support their notorious loner mentality to be able to find freely wit …[more]
Shop :: Riv, Hugg och Bit
Riv, Hugg och Bit Svartby (CD)
Riv, Hugg och Bit is the title of the brand new output of these fantastic Brutal Folk Metal Band from St. Petersburg! Let´s make something clear: These Russian Metalheads are not a copy of Finntroll, for example! Why not? Cause Svartby does not sing about Trolls and so the lyrics does not deal with Troll-Stories - No! They tell about their own magic world, about the Svartby village deep in the woods, far away from the humans world – a story about the wild and brutal Dwarfs :)
Thi …[more]
Shop :: Obscurity - Várar (CD)
Obscurity - Várar (CD) Obscurity (CD)
Viking Black Metal from Germany!
Várar means oath and refers to the oath of companionship of the old Nordic tribes, to the alliance of heavy metal as well as to the confraternity of Obscurity. The cover which shows two warriors fraternizing with each other seeks to illustrate this oath. The legion in the background symbolizes the strength that is created through unshakably strong company.

01: Nach Asgard wir reiten (rightklick, "save under")
02: Battle Metal
03: Va …[more]
Shop :: Ragnaröek - Rache (CD)
Ragnaröek - Rache (CD) Ragnaröek (CD)
Medieval Rock/Metal from germanys east coast!
01. Spielmann
02. Rache
03. Meister Röckle
04. Diener
05 Knochenschiff
06. tanz mit mir
07. Fleisch (rightclick, save under)
08. Feuertanz
09. Ragnaröek
10. Totentanz
11. Küss mich
Shop :: Menhir - Hildebrandslied & Barditus (DCD)
Menhir - Hildebrandslied & Barditus (DCD) Menhir (CD)
This is the re-release of the "Hildebrandslied" DinA5 Digi CD, included the remastered Songs from their first Demo "Barditus" from the year 1996! So, here we have a double CD with a 12 page booklet... for more informations please use the normal "Hildebrandslied" production, there you find more about this band and cd...

01. Das alte Lied des Windes
02. Des Kriegers Gesicht - Ulfhednar
03. Intro
04. Das Hildebrandslied Teil 1 (rightclick, save as)
Shop :: Last Moon´s Dawn - Episodes of the Dawn (Demo CD)
Last Moon´s Dawn - Episodes of the Dawn (Demo CD) Tracklist:
01. By the wind
02. Forgotten forest
03. The ardent dawn
04. Orchestral I
05. Summernightdreams
06. Within thy tears
07. Until the Urge hits again
08. Bei Einbruch der Nacht
09. Orchestral II
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