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Shop :: Helfahrt - Wiedergang (CD)
Helfahrt - Wiedergang (CD) Pagan Black Metal aus der Hauptstadt Bayerns!

Helfahrt arise with their second Album "Wiedergang" from the icy terrain of the Alps to take their rightful place amongst the leaders of the Pagan-Metal-Movement. Authenthic Black/Pagan Metal that awaits with an unheard mixture between rough riffing, harsh vocals and traditional folk-melodies. Recorded and mixed in the famous Helion-Studios (Equilibrium, Lunar Aurora ...), Helfahrt will strenghten the old and forgotten way and spirit of true Pagan Metal. Fans of old Ulver, Helheim &a …[more]
Shop :: Elivagar - Heirs of the ancient tales (CD)
Elivagar - Heirs of the ancient tales (CD) Folk / Death Metal aus dem Schaumburger Land!
01: Ashore the Elivagar
02: Followers of ancient Tales
03: Ruhm der Schlacht
04: Fone demo anneginne...
05: Schlachtgelage
06: Blutrache
07: Children's Crusade
08: Nightwandering
09: Darkland
10: Call of the Sea
11: Lender swanne die Reise …[more]
Shop :: Gwydion - Ynys Mön (CD)
Gwydion - Ynys Mön (CD) Viking Black Metal aus Portugal!

1. ... arrival (Intro)
2. Rebirth
3. Viking´s horned paradoy
4. Spirals
5. Inquisition Queries
6. Descendent of Don
7. The trickster of Ragnarök
8. Turning of the wheel
Shop :: Svartby - Kom I Min Kittel (CD)
Svartby - Kom I Min Kittel (CD) Finntroll war gestern...

Folk Black Metal

Songs: 1. Häxby 2. Kom I Min Kittel 3. Skogens Ursinne 4. Om Trollbryggning 5. Solnedgång Över Träsk 6. Flykt Över Sömnigt Land 7. Skada Över Er! 8. Moder Av Alla Häxor 9. Julen Av Vedergällning 10. Stjärnfull Natt
Shop :: Slartibartfass - Nebelheim (CD)
Slartibartfass - Nebelheim (CD) After the band released the first Demo CD "Nordwind" in 2006, which is not available anymore, we released this first Studio Album from this german Folk / Viking Metal Band one year later... We wish the band all the best for the future! Cheers!

01. Einleitung
02. Herbstlied
03. St. Cuthbert
04. Erdmacht
05 .Rache der Kobolde
06. Asatru
07. Keltenschanze

Bandhistory so far: …[more]
Shop :: Menhir - Hildebrandslied (DinA5 CD)
Menhir - Hildebrandslied (DinA5 CD) Germanys Pagan Metal band number one, which was founded in 1995, are back with their long awaited fullalbum “Hildebrandslied”. Seven songs will tell you stories about ancient times.This album, in all kinds, is the highlight of the long music career of Menhir. More Epic and more heroic than ever ! A very beautiful A5 Digibook underlines this “must have” output.

01. Das alte Lied des Windes
02. Des Kriegers Gesicht - Ulfhednar
03. Intro
0 …[more]
Shop :: Tarabas - Aus alter Zeit (CD)
Tarabas - Aus alter Zeit (CD) Melodischer Pagan / Death Metal aus Magdeburg!

01. Samhain 
02. Warlord
03. Kane
04. Aus alter Zeit
05. Falcon
06. Bloodthirst
07. Die Wiederkehr
08. Hero
09. Dekaden des Leides
Playtime: 53 min.
Shop :: Elexorien - Elexorien (CD)
Elexorien - Elexorien (CD) Epischer Battle Metal aus den Niederlanden!
The gates to other worlds are opened on the epic debut album of the Dutch formation. Great songs of battle and epic hymns tell of fantastic stories and wars in ancient times. Iné's fairy-like vocals combined with Lainedil's warcries underline the class Elexorien already operates in with their first album. There is no place left to run – Prepare for frenzied slaughter as Elexorien will relentlessly crush all opposing hordes with the full force of Epic Battle Metal!"

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