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Shop :: Elexorien - Elexorien (CD)
Elexorien - Elexorien (CD) Epischer Battle Metal aus den Niederlanden!
The gates to other worlds are opened on the epic debut album of the Dutch formation. Great songs of battle and epic hymns tell of fantastic stories and wars in ancient times. Iné's fairy-like vocals combined with Lainedil's warcries underline the class Elexorien already operates in with their first album. There is no place left to run – Prepare for frenzied slaughter as Elexorien will relentlessly crush all opposing hordes with the full force of Epic Battle Metal!"

 :: Fimbulthier - The battle begins... (CD)
Fimbulthier - The battle begins... (CD) Melodic Viking Metal aus Sachsen!
A story about a warrior is told, which revokes from christian cant, bethinks to his origins(Blinded by Hypocrisy) and comes together with his brothers(Predators in a human shape). From Odin they get auspicious signs to fight(March and Fight) and starting sail on there dragonboats towards south(With Fire and Claws).After there recurrence, they sitting on a bonfire and telling stories about glorious battles(Battlesong). Now the Fimbulwinter arrives and great battles occur(…and thousand …[more]
Shop :: Kromlek - Strange Rumours ... Distant Tremors (CD)
Kromlek - Strange Rumours ... Distant Tremors (CD) Das Debutalbum der Viking Metal Band aus Franken!
The Bavarian Formation KromleK was founded in 2004. After a short Black Metal time the band became a more epic oriented Viking Metal Band. Because of the mixture of Norse folk and bombastic Viking Metal, combined with a constant urge to experiment and an obvious epic vein KromleK has meanwhile liberated itself from the inappropriate stamp ‘another band riding the Pagan-wave’ and rose up to a name well-known not only in Bavaria but whole Germany’s Pagan/Viking Metal- …[more]
Shop :: Gernotshagen - Märe aus wäldernen Hallen (CD)
Gernotshagen - Märe aus wäldernen Hallen (CD) Epischer Pagan Black Metal aus Thüringer Landen!

01. Märe aus wälderen Hallen
02. Der alte Wald 
03. Dem Skirnir zu Ehren
04. Widars Klagesturm
05. Dragadhrond
06. Der Ruf des Heimdalls (Instrumental)
07. Schlachten sang der Einherjer
08. Vali
09. Skaid
Playtime: ca 55 min.
 :: Thiasos Dionysos - Satyr (CD)
Thiasos Dionysos - Satyr (CD) CD is sold out !

01. Siegestanz
02. Thyrsos, the stick of Mainades
03. Der Ahnenruf
04. Recovering Mjöllnir
05. Satyr
06. Hymiskvida
07. Ein keltischer Morgen
08. Heidrun
09. Widar comes …[more]
Shop :: Kromlek - Kveldridhur (MCD)
Kromlek - Kveldridhur (MCD) Das Erstlingswerk der bayerischen Trolle!

The Debut Mini CD from this south german Viking Metal group!

Intro: KrossaMarsch
Strandhagg Pt. I
Ode an den Feuergott
Pilz Prinz Polka
Träskens Näve
Outro: Gryning... Och Allt Blir Sten
 :: Teufelswerk & Narrentanz - Minnemetal (CD)
Teufelswerk & Narrentanz - Minnemetal (CD) Mittelalter Rock / Metal

This was our first release many many years ago :)
The CD is sold out since 2008.

Teufelswerk & Narrentanz played medieval folk rock/metal. "Played" cause they stopped making music a few yeas ago... very bad!

But maybe once a day they will be back?!
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