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 :: Obscurity
Obscurity Obscurity (CD)
Essentially the music that Obscurity play is a thrill a minute joy ride of Pagan principles and Viking lore! Listening to them makes me want to grab a Viking drinking horn and quaff many a pint of mead while raising my fist in the air and hailing Odin and Thor, and that is how a good Pagan Viking Metal band should make you feel. Obscurity grab your attention by your broad sword and refuse to relinquish their grip until they have finished with you. Nothing wrong with a little ravishing, plunderin …[more]
Shop :: Obscurity - Várar (CD)
Obscurity - Várar (CD) Obscurity (CD)
Viking Black Metal from Germany!
Várar means oath and refers to the oath of companionship of the old Nordic tribes, to the alliance of heavy metal as well as to the confraternity of Obscurity. The cover which shows two warriors fraternizing with each other seeks to illustrate this oath. The legion in the background symbolizes the strength that is created through unshakably strong company.

01: Nach Asgard wir reiten (rightklick, "save under")
02: Battle Metal
03: Va …[more]
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