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 :: Nine waves from the shore
Nine waves from the shore Celtachor (CD)
The Band produced this cd by itself - official distribution through Trollzorn Records!

Celtic Folk Metal though immensely Irish in nature is a genre that for the most part has been utilized by bands based far away from the shores of Eire. So it’s extremely pleasing to see that a band from Dublin has taken up the challenge to reclaim this authentic home-grown sound. Celtachor are in no means new to the Irish Metal scene, their demo “In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers&r …[more]
 :: Obscurity
Obscurity Obscurity (CD)
Essentially the music that Obscurity play is a thrill a minute joy ride of Pagan principles and Viking lore! Listening to them makes me want to grab a Viking drinking horn and quaff many a pint of mead while raising my fist in the air and hailing Odin and Thor, and that is how a good Pagan Viking Metal band should make you feel. Obscurity grab your attention by your broad sword and refuse to relinquish their grip until they have finished with you. Nothing wrong with a little ravishing, plunderin …[more]
 :: Sehnsuchts Wogen
Sehnsuchts Wogen träumen von aurora (CD)
The band's debut album is conceived of two parts and deals with a break-up and the attempt at overcoming the yearning for the situation which is no more.
The first part, consisting of the pieces »insomnia«, »parfüm«, »welknis«, »neontot« and »flucht«, is about the thoughts and feelings before and immediately after the end of the first person narrator's intense relationship with another person, whereas the second part, consisting of the pieces »firn« and »reflektionen«, restrospec …[more]
 :: 12 Schritte zum Strick
12 Schritte zum Strick Vogelfrey (CD)
More informations coming soon!
 :: Facing the tempest
Facing the tempest The Privateer (CD)
Pirate metal can be played by other bands than Running Wild, Alestorm etc. The band from Freiburg, Germany is called The Privateer, and they make an excellent combination of pirate metal and power metal on their new record Facing The Tempest. The beautiful artwork on the CD indicate pirate metal as their main style, and The Privateer use violins and flute as battling tools for their fight against the enemies. Pablo Heist sings like he is a true sailor with wind in his hair, and a bottle by his s …[more]
 :: Blindflug
Blindflug Harpyie (CD)
HARPYIE are new, HARPYIE are different and fresh. Seven birds leave their nests to make their way into the wide, wide world. If a unique narrative voice and folkloristic instruments combined with the pressure of modern metal become a tornado, then HARPYIE are a storm of the century! Despite their short duration of action HARPYIE already enjoy through their performances and their promo song "Hundertdreyßig" considerable attention from the audience of various relevant radio stations and …[more]
 :: Elemental Tales
Elemental Tales Svartby (CD)
"Elemental Tales is a very fast album, it's just speed, speed and speed with a furious drive..." Giftsvamp speaks about the new album: "What we really wanted to do this time, is to get rid of complexity and dull groove elements of the previous release. Svartby means "fun", we are one of the merriest bands in folk-metal, so that's what we want to give you this time." How they did it? You shouldn't expect any style changes, it's Giftsvamp's & Lindwurm's composing …[more]
 :: Articulo Mortis
Articulo Mortis Vardlokkur (CD)
I consider be the top of the current Danish black metal scene... Still Vrede screams the black lungs out of the body in great agony, but the sound of this ‘Articulo Mortis’ is much more massive than all previous music by Vardlokkur... (
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 :: Kalletal Rockt 2019

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