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Pure Viking Metal from Sweden!
:: Biografie
In the autumn of 2005, five guys came together to create metal history. After a couple of gigs wulfgar recorded their first demo, called “hate for mankind” It was a success! The demo sold out and gig offers began to pour in. As the group of fans grow to a solid crowd, wulfgar started producing a second demo called “Wendigo”.this record was very Viking inspired and grow to a success. Shortly after the second demo was released they got a offer from kampas records and the debut album "With gods and legends unite" was released. The album "With gods and legends unite" ravaged the world and won lots of fans and got great reviews from everywere. After Playing with several big acts, such as Dark tranquility, Insision,Månegarm,Deathstars,Impaled nazarene, Mar de grises and so on, many labels got their eyes on the cruel vikings from the north. Summer 2008, Wulfgar decided to ink with a new Label and put their trust in a indie label, that they over the years had become friends with. The honour went to the german label Trollzorn, were Wulfgar will release 2 new epic albums! Stay tuned, release inner viking, join Wulfgars epic journey in time AND GO BERSERK!!

Cover from their debut CD "With gods and legends unite" (Kampas Records)

:: Midgardian Metal
Wulfgar (CD)
Scream-throat Emil Augustsson, lead guitarist Jimmie Mattisson, bass guitarist Morgan Löfstedt and battle-drummer Thommy Lindskog gathered their …[more]

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