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Interview with french Metallian Zine in Nov. 2009:
Being featured for the first time in our magazine, i’ll ask you a small presentation of the band.

Fjoergyn was founded 2003. It is borrowed from the icelandic mythology an means „Mother" Earth or Nature. In the beginning it was a pure orchestral idea. During a period of time I decided to fill up the classical arrangements with guitars and drums, to get an impressive mixture of my prefered styles of music. The lyrical concept bases on three parts. First of all I wrote a story about a battle between the personified nature and human mankind. My ambition was to show the recklessness of our species. We`re seeing ourselves at the throne of the earth and it seems we`re proning to loose the view for reality. There is so much more out there than only human aims. Because of this I was singing about the harvest in autumn. It shall explain the revenge of nature.The next part clarifys the motive for my thinking. I describe the human being in his egoistoc and cruel behaviour between masochistic and sadistic borders.The last part, our new CD, describes the other side. There are lot of scorings of nature in a typical style about the beauty in nature. We didn`t pass new ways with our score about the change of the seasons, but for me it`s one of the most magical developments. And so we decided to set the change of one year to music.During this time we grew up to a real band. Former I wanted to write all music for my own as a one-men-project, but as I met Martin L. and Anre B. I recognized the possibilities of their influence. We created a very own style of metal-music and this is the product of the musicians I collected around Fjoergyn.So now we`re a normal rockband.

Your music sounds to me like Schubert’s ‘Winterreise’ played by Jethro Tull, with Grutle Kjellson singing. What are your influences, musical or others, when composing? And would you present your album yourself to an un-initiated? Your first sentence is mattering a lot for me. Franz Peter Schubert is my favourit composer. I spent a lot of time with his cycle of songs „Winterreise". He accompanied me during my time at university until I wrote my exam about his „Winterreise". My exam and our album ran parallel. So for sure you can catch some typical emotions of this composer. You are the first guy who heard this influence. It`s an honour for me. :) Also Enslaved and Jethro Tull are important musicians for me. I love „Ruun" and „Isa". These CDs accompanied me through the last 5 years. You can`t imagine, what kind of complimet you gave to me. Thanks.

Unfortunatelly we have to handle this problem by using a sampler. I hate the sound of keyboards. Them are not natural. We`re using only real orchestral soundfonts in our studio. Otherwise it would sounds like circus. The only possibility we have is performing our music with a real orchestra or with the help of our studio samples. It is very difficult, because you are not able to improvise. Our drummer is only playing under headphones and we have to play this songs very straight. It`s not so nice for us because you`re going to loose the typical feeling of rock`n`roll. Otherwise our songs wouldn`t sound so sprecial without our orchestra.´ The other problem is my person. I love the work with other musicians, but there is only a hand of them I would invite to play with Fjoergyn together. All of us are very difficult types. We manage our idea of music. An other person could destroy this. I write all classical arrangements and I don`t want to give this out of my hand. I am not the best composer but I`ve got a good idea about it.

You’ve recently finished a tour with Dorenenreich. How do you manage to reproduce your music live? Do you use samplers for the classical parts or real musicians, or simply avoid those parts?

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