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New Celtachor CD coming soon! Bands

We are proud to announce the first official Album release with irish band CELTACHOR! We can finally share with you the album's cover and title: Nuada of the Silver Arm. This is the first album with label Trollzorn, it will be released on ...April 24th! Artwork done by the bands drummer Anaïs Chareyre.


1. Arrival of the Tuatha 2. The Mighty Sreng 3. King Eochaid’s Fall 4. Bres
5. Nuada of the Silver Arm 6. The Gathering at Teamhair 7. Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh
8. Nuada’s Burial 9. Uaithne: The Dagda’s Harp

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Celtachor sign with Trollzorn Records! Bands

The Trollzorn family is very happy to announce the new deal with CELTACHOR from Irland!

Celtachor is a Blackened Folk Metal band from Ireland. Born in 2007, it became a full working band in 2010, melding the influences of black/doom/folk metal together in one combined force. The band sees themselves as the narrators of Irish Mythology. The band’s main goal is to showcase their own vision of those stories, playing the music with passion and from the heart. The band released a demo in 2010 and their first album in November 2012.

Celtachor has shared the stage with the likes of: Skyforger, Primordial, Heidevolk, Suidakra, Cruachan, Wolfchant, Alestorm, Mael Mordha, Waylander, Thurisaz, Nothgard, Darkest Era, Belenos...

Their actual full lengh album "Nine waves from the shore" has been released a few months ago and is now available at the Trollzorn Online shop for just 9,99 Euro!

The next CD is planned for the end of 2013!

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:: Nuada of the silver arms
Celtachor (CD)
The concept for the second album deals with the Life and Death of the High King Nuada, the arrival of the Tuatha Dé Danann to Ireland and the f …[more]

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:: Nine waves from the shore
Celtachor (CD)
The Band produced this cd by itself - official distribution through Trollzorn Records! Celtic Folk Metal though immensely Irish in nature is a genr …[more]

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