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Cruachan CD Bands
Hi Folks! "Blood for the Blood God" is released today, December 5th! So far early reviews have been phenomenal (12/15 Legacy DE, 9/10 Rock Tribune BE, 9.5/10 Metal Observer UK, 9/10 Metal Temple GR, 9.5/10 NL, 93/100 Lords of Metal NL..., 7/7 XXL Rock DE, 5/5 Planetmosh UK)

It is available on Digi-Cd with “Pagan” as bonus track. Art-Book double cd containing the “Pagan” bonus track as well as the 2 complete demos from 2013 and 2010, 7 bonus tracks in total. Double Gatefold vinyl with the same bonus tracks as the Art-Book! Many t-shirts and hoodies are in production at the moment!
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Cruachan - BUNDLE Bands
The upcoming new album from CRUACHAN will also be available as a limited bundle version! Limited on just 200 units! This bundle includes the following items:

Artbook 185 x 185 mm with 2 CDs and incl. 7 Bonus Songs
Posterflag 100 x 70 cm (Only available in this Bundle)
TSHIRT (Only available in this Bundle)

For more informations, just click at the bundle picture and you will enter the webshop.
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Cruachan - Blood for the Blood God Bands

Pioneers of Celtic folk metal Cruachan from Ireland, will release their 7th full-length album “Blood for the Blood God” on December 5, 2014. It is their first album with Trollzorn / SMP Records and it continues the trilogy that began with “Blood on the Black Robe” in 2011. The band returns back a little more to their black metal roots, without neglecting their folk shares, for which they are loved all over the world. Album tracklist is revealed, together with the cover artwork, painted by Cruachan’s John Fay. Some first samples of the album can be listened in their official pages. Except for CD edition, “Blood for the Blood God” will be also released on a very limited vinyl run! Details will be announced soon.

1. Crom Cruach
2. Blood for the Blood God
3. The Arrival of the Fir Bolg
4. Beren and Luthien
5. The Marching Song of Fiach Mac Hugh
6. Prophecy
7. Gae Bolga
8. The Sea Queen of Connaught
9. Born for War (The Rise of Brian Boru)
10. Perversion, Corruption and Sanctity – Part 1
11. Perversion, Corruption and Sanctity – Part 2

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Cruachan sign to Trollzorn Records! Bands
We are very proud to announce that Irish Folk Metal legends, Cruachan, have signed to Trollzorn Records, for the release of their eagerly awaited seventh studio album!

Trollzorn Records is honoured to celebrate our tenth anniversary with the signing of Cruachan. We are all big Cruachan fans here and have followed the band over a number years, so it’s a real coup for us to welcome them on board. We look forward to releasing the new Cruachan album towards the end of 2014.

Cruachan has undergone something of a rebirth since the release of Blood On The Black Robe back in 2011 with the recruitment of a second guitarist, Kieran Ball, drummer, Mauro Frison and bassist, Eric Fletcher.

Founder, Keith Fay had this to say:
"We are excited about working with Trollzorn, they are a young, fresh and energetic label but also have the experience of AFM records in distribution and Sure Shot Worx for promotion who we have worked with before so we have every faith in a strong collaboration. The new album will be finished this summer and will take what we started on “blood on the Black Robe” to another level. We think this new one will give the Folk Metal genre the kick in the ass it needs."

The band has a busy year ahead. Work began on the new album last year at Trackmix Studios in Dublin and recording is expected to be completed in July. Cruachan recently returned from a successful tour of Russia and the band is looking forward to a spate of festival appearances and headline shows across Europe, including Hornerfest in Germany in June and Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic later in the summer.

For further information, contact: Keith Fay
postet at 2014-04-03 07:47A
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Cruachan (CD)
Pioneers of Celtic folk metal Cruachan from Ireland, with their 7th full-length album “Blood for the ...”. It is their first album with Tr …[more]

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