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...Hundret years ago a place excisted which was situaded in the shadow of the forest, below the tower of Wallenburg, eastern of the nowadays Trusetal. This place was called Gernotshagen. Nobody knows something about living conditions and the destinies of the people who lived there. Many foundings tell us the history of  Gernotshagen and stimulate to think and philosophy about it. Maybe the four members are successors of these inhabitants. Maybe the same blood flews through the veins of the band... and maybe it was the destiny who decided that even these four young musicians are telling the mystic history of „Gernotshagen“.

:: Biografie

A piteous call roams trough the thuringian forest
The ancient ruins of Gernotshagen

If you listen to the sound of the wind, the songs of the birds and the whisper of the stream you can hear the old legends of our ancestors, Who were they? How did they live? Are the old gods the ones who live at the places, which were never touched by human beeings? Many legends climb aoround these places and sometimes they at themselves become the myths. If this happens the old histories were pass on from those people who become conscious with their ancestors and the beauty of their homeland. Two of those people -musicians- united themselves under the name „Grafen von Gleichen“. They first tried the black metal with lyrics including gods, live and death, love and grief from the ancient times of their ancestors.

After the first musical attemptions of singer D.Möller and guitarist B.Techet two new musicians entered the group who were familiar with the guitar and the bass. M.Pomplun and S.Beck.
A new name for the band was searched. A path was given by a friend of B.Techet. This guided the four musicians to „Gernotshagen“...

A further stone for the success of the band was laid down. A new musician entered the band. Keyboarder S.Jung. With him started the atmosphere. A drummer was the only thing left.

...This drummer was found during a concert. Together with T.Völker the band firstly joked about his entry to the band. But after the first test it was clear that he perfectly fits to the band.
At last, first songs like „Winter“, „Die Nacht des Raben“ and „Herigest“ could be finished.
Till today our orignal formation is complete because we are more than just members of the same band. We are friends.

With the first songs on journey in Thuringia
Campaign of revelation

It took not long until the histories of Gernotshagen were presented in front of an audience. A concert was organized in a local called „Schmalz“(Breitungen near Trusetal) which took place on the 28th April 2001. More than 200 fans joined the appearance to watch „Gernotshagen“ and also „Falling Leaf`s“ and „Wallenburg“.  Most of us were a bit excited but all in all everything was very satisfying. Further appearances followed and on the 24th  June 2001 the first demo was finished under the name „Infinitus Malum“.
Furtermore a homepage was designed which was very helpful for publicity.

For the first time Gernotshagen was invited to  join an Open-Air on the 25th August 2001.
The „Riedfest-Open-Air“ was a great success with 800 visitors. It was up to then the biggest concert on which Gernotshagen was seen. 

From debut album to our own recording studio
In the cold empire of the myths of winter

The debut-album with the name “Wintermythen” was recorded during springtime 2002 in the power-track-studios of Schmalkalden. Guestsinger N. Nebel who sang the song “Die Letzten Krieger” together with Askan and this song should become one of the most famous songs of “Wintermythen” . For the first time we came in contact with experienced pagan bands like “Menhir, XIV Dark Centuries and Odroerir” and after a short time a friendship developed ,which was not only based on music but also on attitude towards live and history. Together with them  many appearances followed in whole Germany.

On the 25. October 2004 a new step was taken. We laid down foundations of our own recording studio. After 3 months accompanied with hard work we could proudly present the end result. We started recording the second album “Märe aus wäldernen Hallen” during springtime. The band tried to connect their attachment to the thuringian nature, history and lyric in the new songs.  The new pieces were in comparison to the first album accompanied by melodic, speed and especially with clear singing.


:: Weltenbrand
Gernotshagen (CD)
As you all know, patience is rewarded the more, the more long one can bear the waiting. As well as here: apparently endlessly long lasted it until t …[more]

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:: Gernotshagen -Wintermythen (CD)
Das Re-Release der ersten Voll-CD der Thüringer!
Tracklist: 1. Gernotshagen 2. Der letzte Krieger  3. Nacht des Raben 4. Kriegshorn 5. Malum Infinitum 6. Winter 7. Herigest (Playti …[more]

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:: Gernotshagen - Märe aus wäldernen Hall…
Epischer Pagan Black Metal aus Thüringer Landen!
Tracklist: 01. Märe aus wälderen Hallen 02. Der alte Wald  03. Dem Skirnir zu Ehren 04. Widars Klagesturm 05. Dragadhrond 06. …[more]

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