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Brutal Folk Metal from St. Petersburg / Russia !
:: Biografie

Important things you should know about SVARTBY:

•SVARTBY is a band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia that plays vivid, merry and brutal folk-metal in Swedish and English. The lyrics tell about wild magical creatures living in 'Svartby' (the fictional Black Village) - witches, imps, dwarfs - definitely unkind to human folk, but at the same time merry, nature-loving and nice living beings with a good sense of humor.
•SVARTBY doesn't have a single song about trolls. There are enough bands that devote themselves to the trolls' theme, so we make our own world and our own creatures.
•SVARTBY believes in tits, beer and rock'n'roll! The band and its members are NOT involved in any religious, political or social communities, parties, ideas and movements. The band's lyrics are Giftsvamp's scary and funny fairy-tales without any hidden deep sense.
•Therefore: never, never, never call us 'pagan' or 'viking'! Or why not call us 'catholic voodoo crusaders' or 'orthodox socialists'? :) In fact, we're not even folk enough :)
•Therefore, you shouldn't expect from us all the shit that you usually expect from a common folk-metal band. We use orchestral instruments' synths in our music (that sometimes sound 'folky'), but SVARTBY plays brutal, vivid and merry metal soundtrack for an evil fairy-tale and calls it 'SVARTCORE'. The 'style' name refers to that mysterious 'villain' musical scent you can find in our songs. Official SVARTBY's motto is SVARTCORE TILL DEATH!

Current lineup:
Lindwurm - guitars
aZ - bass
Gnofkes - vocals
Giftsvamp - keyboards
Humla - guitars

Former members:
Torhall – vocals, bass (2004-2009)
Skrik – vocals, bass (2009-2011)
Hök – guitars (2005-2009)
Hemskalf – guitars, clean vocals (2004-2005)
Somna – drums (2004-2009)
Fenrir - drums (2009-2010)

Some Questions to the band:

What is Svartby?
A fictional place (“Black Village”) where different magic evil creatures live. We sing only about this village and its inhabitants. That’s our own fairy-tale.
Are you another troll band?
No, Svartby don’t sing of trolls. We never had a single song about trolls. Enough bands devote their songs to trolls and they’re doing good – so we chose our own path.
Why do you sing in Swedish? Why not Russian or English? How do people understand your lyrics?
That’s a Northern language, and Svartby village is located in the Northern woods. Besides, it’s unusual. Besides, it suits our music better than English or Russian. At our website, we publish translations in our native language and in English.
Does Finntroll has something to do with you? You sound a lot like them. Did they influence you?
At first – yes. When we started, we hadn’t a single band in the world alike Finntroll – as a combination of fun, fairy-tale and brutality. You hear the influences at “Kom I Min Kittel”, for these are the very first songs we wrote. Now we believe that we drive to our own direction of folk metal – we like to call it “svartcore”. Lamb of God-like and Pantera-like style influences with combination of humppa elements and haunted keyboards. Hope you like it ;)

:: Elemental Tales
Svartby (CD)
"Elemental Tales is a very fast album, it's just speed, speed and speed with a furious drive..." Giftsvamp speaks about the new album: " …[more]

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:: Riv, Hugg och Bit
Svartby (CD)
Riv, Hugg och Bit is the title of the brand new output of these fantastic Brutal Folk Metal Band from St. Petersburg! Let´s make something clear …[more]

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:: Svartby - Kom I Min Kittel (CD)
Finntroll war gestern...
Folk Black Metal Songs: 1. Häxby 2. Kom I Min Kittel 3. Skogens Ursinne 4. Om Trollbryggning 5. Solnedgång Över Träsk 6. Fly …[more]

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