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Songs from the shadow world

The live spectacle RAGNARÖEK on German stages started in summer 2005. Audients unanimously opinion always is “must have seen it” surely last not least because of the tremendous show.
These bards forge there Rag'n Roll with unrestrained strengths - medieval melodies stir sovereign on a basement of heavy metal. The concise sound of bagpipe and the rough battle songs of the ferryman are based on stomping rhythms and hard riffs of electric guitars. All this is showed with an irrepressible joy. So the audience is bitten with enthusiasm. Archaic and powerful, strong and rough the music resonates down from stage and the bards present it by fire, anvil and shamanic spirit.
:: Biografie
In March 2009 the new album RACHE came out – the eleven chosen songs already approved in many concerts and now finally available for home listening.

- Charon der Fährmann (the ferryman) - voc, pipe
- Sigar der Schinder (the flayer) - git, bvoc
- Ark der Schnitter (the reaper) - git, bvoc
- Derol Bazuli – bass, bvoc
- Rondall der Schläger (the scrapper) - dr, bvoc
- Bernd the smith and Franzi the elflike - fireshow
:: Dornig
Ragnaröek (CD)

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:: Hagge Schnigge!
Hinterhof (CD)
Auf einem düsteren Hinterhof ins Leben geschrien, breitete sich diese Musikantengeburt sehr bald und zielstrebig über alle Wege und Stra&sz …[more]

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:: Eiskalt
Ragnaröek (CD)
The mythical bagpipe of the ferryman promises the North German minstrels immortality. And with no mercy they present their long-awaited second album & …[more]

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:: Ragnaröek - Rache (CD)
Ragnaröek (CD)
Medieval Rock/Metal from germanys east coast! Trackliste: 01. Spielmann 02. Rache 03. Meister Röckle 04. Diener 05 Knochenschiff 06. tanz …[more]

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