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Träumen von Aurora
träumen von aurora was founded in 2007 by patrick wunsch. after several line-up changes and the recordings of two demo songs ("flucht" in 2007 and "nie ist alles schon gesagt" in 2009) the band signed with trollzorn in march 2012.
the music itself offers very different elements. they comprise whispering, clean guitars and restrained sidestick drumming as well as harsh vocals, distorted semiquaver tremolo and blast beat.
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träumen von aurora (CD)
Virus/Serum The successor ties in with the debut album sehnsuchts wogen released as recently as last June both lyrically and musically. Even though t …[more]

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:: Sehnsuchts Wogen
träumen von aurora (CD)
The band's debut album is conceived of two parts and deals with a break-up and the attempt at overcoming the yearning for the situation which is no mo …[more]

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