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:: de Vampyromorpha
Vampyromorpha is a horror doom rock duet from Germany. Born in the beginning of 2014. The Band plays AOD (Adult Orientated Doom) with horror lyrics. The duo began 2014 to write the first doom songs after a lot of red wine, trash movie and recording sessions. Six songs were produced after a lot of KILLING JOKE, THE DAMNED, MELVINS,YES, SAINT VITUS, SISTERS OF MERCY and PENTAGRAM listening sessions. This interesting result convinced the bosses of Trollzorn Records to sign
Vampyromorpha. The debut album will be released on April 1st 2016 with a bonustrack. A Doom version of Fleetwodd Mac´s "I'm so afraid". The duet is NOT only a studio project. Vamyromorpha will play live with session musicians…

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:: Fiendish Tales of Doom
Vampyromorpha (CD)
Born from the depths of the bloody oceans of hell and shaped by the most disturbing trash horror movies, VAMPYROMORPHA is out to play spaced out Adult …[more]

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