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7th Abyss
In December 2013 the ways of two musicians, Alex and Matze, crossed. After some beer and an exiting conversation about music they decided to grow up a metal band. Alex, who was an active producer in the scene, immediately knew who to ask for the open band positions...
:: Biografie
Born from an idea grown to a five-man band, to extend and melt sub-genres, the guys from Würzburg (Bavaria) raised "7th Abyss" in 2013. Months of intensive work later first demo-records came to life and immediately caught enormous attention and appreciation by the audience.

Pure Metal shining in new splendor: intense, technically sophisticated licks and riffs along with haunting melancholic melodies; diversified vocals, switching smoothly between several vocal styles, which display the singer’s high quality within seconds.

The debut album “Unvoiced“ is awaited with bated breath, as it’s gonna be diversified and fast-paced and will depart from anything you ever listened to.

Andy: Vocals
Rob: Lead guitar
Dan: Rhythm guitar
Alex: Bass
Matze: Drums
:: Unvoiced
7th Abyss (CD)
Genre: Modern (Death) Metal Line Up: Andreas Müller – Vocals Robert Klein – Lead Guitar Daniel Bieberstein – Rhythm Guita …[more]

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