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Jahreszeiten Fjoergyn (CD)
Release: 2009-11-13
Fjoergyn will release their new album in November 2009 with the title: Jahreszeiten (seasons).
The musical concept attaches directly to the two previous albums, but here turns out to be as technically sound and has seen incredible growth and experimentation . "Seasons" is the musical highlight recent Fjoergyn to finish it were the promised trilogy.  Fjoergyn deal now more than ever, striking style, assignments, and support their notorious loner mentality to be able to find freely within their niche and define -  a process regarded as the Fjoergyn never completed.
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...In 2009, FJOERGYN entered the studio to record their third album, called ‘Jahreszeiten’ (Seasons). They set the ineffable nature’s force into music, without focus on humans. The circuit starts with the last breaths of winter, shading into the reawakening of nature in spring, falling leaves in autumn and finally the first frost. FJOERGYN managed to create an album as unique as never before. The first approach might not be too easy, especially for people how have not heard about FJOERGYN before. Nevertheless, if you give this album one try or more, you definitely will be rewarded with a special atmosphere, fair and beautiful melodies mixed up with classical elements and heavy riffs. ‘Jahreszeiten’ surmounts constraints between different types of music, so it is also hard to find a fitting genre labelling. The songs all merge into each other; therefore the best way of listening to this album is in one piece. ‘Jera’ is a more orchestral song with some choir elements, whilst ‘Oh verklärte Welt’ comes up with a pithy bass part and a catchy refrain. To put it all in a nutshell, it is hard to describe ‘Jahreszeiten’. It is definitely worth being checked out for open-minded people and music-lover. It includes so many magic moments and still does not seem repetitive after having listened to it for innumerable times. (Reflections of Darkness 9/10)

Metalmessage 9/10 points 9/10
Legacy Magazin 13/15
schwarze 9/10
Rock Hard 7,5/10 9,5/10
Metalglory 9/10
Metalmirror 9/10 KILLERALBUM!
Orkus Zine 8/10
Powermetal 9,5/10
Metalimpetus 8/10
metalroxx 8,5/10 10/10 10/10
N-Metal 10/10

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