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 :: Blindflug
Blindflug Harpyie (CD)
Release: 2012-03-24
HARPYIE are new, HARPYIE are different and fresh. Seven birds leave their nests to make their way into the wide, wide world. If a unique narrative voice and folkloristic instruments combined with the pressure of modern metal become a tornado, then HARPYIE are a storm of the century! Despite their short duration of action HARPYIE already enjoy through their performances and their promo song "Hundertdreyßig" considerable attention from the audience of various relevant radio stations and the active internet community. With their debut album BLINDFLUG a fresh wind will sweep over your heads.Punchy yet light, transparent like air.
BLINDFLUG is the document of their gathering, of finding and hatching ...
Seven hungry stormbirds find together on BLINDFLUG, and you can be a witness!
 :: Reviews 7,5/10 7/10
Valkyrianmusic 3,5/5 7/10 4/5 7/10 7,5/10
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