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 :: Nine waves from the shore
Nine waves from the shore Celtachor (CD)
Release: 2013-03-09
The Band produced this cd by itself - official distribution through Trollzorn Records!

Celtic Folk Metal though immensely Irish in nature is a genre that for the most part has been utilized by bands based far away from the shores of Eire. So it’s extremely pleasing to see that a band from Dublin has taken up the challenge to reclaim this authentic home-grown sound. Celtachor are in no means new to the Irish Metal scene, their demo “In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers” made the rounds over two years ago, though completely self-released with a few technical drawbacks it helped establish the bands unique sound. The idea for Celtachor came about back in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2010 that the band went on to fully realize the idea and form what is now one of Irelands most well known Folk / Black Metal bands. (
 :: Reviews

What the band have achieved here is immense, and cant be overlooked. Like Darkest Era, they’ve managed after only a demo or two to write an albums worth of modern, relevant and stirring celtic metal tunes packed with atmosphere, weight and heaviness... ( 4,5/5

At times the music is just superbly heavy and vibrates off every wall as it grinds forwards, yet at others the audio samples of crashing waves, the light hearted flute harmonies and the melodic interludes leave you breathless as the diversity and creativity that has gone into making ‘Nine Waves From The Shore’ washes over you in wave after wave of superb talent drenched Folk Metal euphoria, battle cries, clashing swords and the constant feel of being transported back in time to a much more forth right simpler age! Well done Celtachor, you have excelled yourselves! ( 9/10

Nine Waves From The Shore is definitely a must for any folk/black metal fan out there. The balance between the folk elements and that black metal vibe is perfect so even people who only listen to folk metal because of the folk elements or that folk vibe will like this album. ( 8/10

I truly enjoyed listening to Celtachor‘s “Nine Waves From the Shore”. It combines the really choice elements of heavy metal with the sweeping vistas and depths of black metal all rolled up in Irish mythology. ( 9/10 (10/10) (9.5/10) (9/10) (9/10) (14/15) (7/9) (75/100) (8/10) (3.5/5) (9/10) (7.5/10) (3.8/5) (4.5/5) (8/10) (4/6) (73/100) (8.5/10) (8/10) (7.5/10) (7.5/10) (7/10)

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