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 :: Monument Ende
Monument Ende Fjoergyn (CD)
Release: 2013-05-31

The waiting has come to an end. After four long years of preparation the Thuringian masters of avantgarde metal are finally back in the business with their fourth full-length album “Monument Ende”. The first three outputs, that can be seen as part of one concept, have left band the wondering how to go on with Fjoergyn, both musically and lyrically. As Fjoergyn-mastermind Stephan L. indicated earlier on, they have been trying to create something completely new, so the first step was to change the approach to songwriting. Unlike compositions on the first albums, most of the new material was created in the rehearsal room, thus giving the songs a very spontaneous touch. Also the style of the lyrics has been changed, according to songwriter Stephan.
And, of course, the guys have a new concept-story for the complete album at hand. The main character of this concept awakes at the beginning of the story. Not knowing who or what he is, he wanders through the world and gets to know what humanity made out of their time on this planet. In the end he will have to decide, whether humanity deserves another chance to live or not.
These above mentioned changes are evident from the start when listening to “Monument Ende”. The album turns out to be a lot darker and heavier than everything Fjoergyn have done on previous albums (a fact that is also apparent in the cover artwork, which – for the first time – is black).

“Leiermann” combines brutal riffs and blast-beats with some of the most peaceful moments on the album. Maybe the most typical Fjoergyn song on “Monument Ende”. The middle part of the album is again dominated by fast parts and blast-beats, yet each song has a unique character and recognition value. “Der Monolog des Antichristen” and ”Thanatos” are among my personal favourites on this one. There are spoken parts, epic choirs and some killer guitar riffs which should satisfy all fans of the band. “S.I.N.” – another 8 minute epic – mostly does without brutal parts, but comes up with a great deal of pathos and also a nice guitar solo.
The highlight of “Monument Ende” is definitely the title track and last song on the album. This is a perfect example of how the band manages to develop a song without adding too many bits and pieces at a time. The riffs and guitar licks at the beginning have a highly spontaneous note to them that I like very much. This song combines all the elements that I like about the new album: Heavy guitar walls and guitar solos, harsh vocals and doublebass and blast beat-attacks on the one hand and Stephan’s outstanding clean vocals, choirs and orchestration and female guest vocals on the other hand. Perfectly concludes this daring and ambitious album. Goose bumps all over.
Fjoergyn once again prove that they have something to say, both with their music and lyrics. The new approach to songwriting and recording and the way each musician contributes to the sound of the album is simply amazing and Fjoergyn sound like a band more than ever before.

Even if you don’t understand the German lyrics, the music will fascinate you all the same. A dark and epic masterpiece and by far my favourite Fjoergyn-album.
 Northwind Promotion 10/10 

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