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 :: Henkt Ihn!
Henkt Ihn! Ingrimm (CD)
Release: 2014-02-07
Everybody has some kind of idea what the music sounds like when they hear the term ‘Mittelalterrock’. However, Ingrimm is a bit different, because Ingrimm tends to be a lot harsher than the great bands from the genre like In Extremo or Saltatio Mortis. The band sounds a bit more ‘metal’, with sometimes teven Thrashy influences, and the vocals doesn’t sound so ‘pinched’ as the other bands I just mentioned.
The music, that’s a bit in between hardrock and metal, is completed by the various traditional medieval instruments like a hurdy-gurdy and a violin. Especially the pieces played by the hurdy-gurdy, which are often used as the intro of a song, remind me a lot of a mixture between Faun and Eluveitie... (taken from
:: Ungeständig
Ingrimm (MCD)
TRACKLIST: 01. Ungeständig 02. Sag mir nicht 03. Stein auf Stein 04. Vogelfrei  

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