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 :: Vintar
Vintar Obscurity (CD)
Release: 2014-11-28
Vintar” consists of the Scandinavian word for winter (vinter) and the old German word (wintar). It is a symbolism of the union of all Germanic peoples. “Vintar” was recorded, mixed and mastered at the “4CN-Studios” by Tim Schuldt. Obscurity have just revealed the album tracklist, the beautiful cover artwork by Jan Yrlund “Darkgrove” and a few words about the lyrics. “Vintar” features a lyrical concept, based on Nordic mythology, a fictional lore after Ragnaroek. In the ancient times of Old-Midgard former legislation is repealed, many peoples are afflicted and subjugated, only a few have actually survived the Twilight of the Gods. The core of Vintar’s tales, narrated by a long-serving warrior, is the new continent “Wodanheim”. On their search for a safe haven, this is where the surviving peoples find a new place to live. Geographically Wodanheim is located in the heart of nowadays Europe, its center being the “Bergisch Land”. The strong force in Wodanheim are the diehard and stubborn Tenkterer. It is their main intention to unite the surviving peoples, to build up a new efficient cultural community, based on Germanic substructures – a new Germanic alliance. Banded together through the resistance against destructive external influences, the fight against the “enemies”, who regard Wodanheim as a thorn in their side, an unbearable burden, because: not only the alleged “good” has survived Ragnaroek…
 :: Reviews
Do you like Amon Amarth, but does it sound too polished and isn’t it brutal enough? Then get the new Obscurity album immediately! Fans of Viking-metal, or blackened death-metal in general could appreciate this album. Definitely worth checking out! ( 8/10 points

Obscurity just keep getting stronger with every new release. Memorable songs true to the core, yet innovative in many respects. And….with a story to tell. Can’t wait for the follow up. Johnny /Unleashed

Legacy    12/15
Metal Only    10/10
Evil Rocks Hard       10/10
Reaper Zine    10/10
XXL-Rock     10/10
N-Metal    4,5/5
Tombstone    9/10
Sturmglanz      4/5
Metal Message    8/10
Necroweb     9/10
Bleeding 4 Metal    7,5/10
Metal4    8/10
Deaf Forever    7,5/10
Powermetal    7,5/10
Zpphyrs-Odem    7,5/10
Xtreem Music     9/10
Metal Maniac    9,8/10
Metal Temple    9/10
Metal Hammer (Italy)    7/8
Rock Tribune    8/10
Keysandchords      4,5/7

Metal Hammer (Italy) by Francesco Frank Gozzi = 7/8 points
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