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 :: Blood for the ...
Blood for the ... Cruachan (CD)
Release: 2014-12-05
Pioneers of Celtic folk metal Cruachan from Ireland, with their 7th full-length album “Blood for the ...”. It is their first album with Trollzorn / SMP Records and it continues the trilogy that began with “Blood on the Black Robe” in 2011. The band returns back a little more to their black metal roots, without neglecting their folk shares, for which they are loved all over the world.

Except for CD edition, “Blood for the ...” will be also released on a very limited vinyl run!
 :: Reviews
"Cruachan is a band that needs no introduction. They’re one of the godfathers of the Folk Metal genre that is played with honesty and quality, heart and soul. In my humble opinion, again, my personal modest view, this the best band in Ireland. After releasing the first part of the “blood” trilogy, “Blood on the Black Robe”, an album which I highly appreciated, the Irish return with “Blood for the ...”." (Metal Maniac, Brasilien)

Blood for the ... is the Irish’s most powerful offering to date and quite possible Cruachan’s strongest album in their already quite lengthy career. It is this organic feel and authentic package with the lyrics going hand in hand with the music, which sets the band apart from most of their peers and the conviction is palpable. Without a doubt one of the best folk metal albums of 2014 and it is good to see the band still going strong and pushing their envelope after all these years! 9,5/10 points (

"So while you're roaming the ancient Druid battlegrounds of the Emerald Isles, your soundtrack is conveniently provided by the Dubliners of CRUACHAN, so be sure to have "Blood For The ..." handy along your trek!" (Metal-Temple, Greece)

"They have created the template for 20+ years for all other folk metal bands to follow and this latest album is no exception. While other bands still try to follow this template, no one still sounds like Cruachan. " (, NL)

Legacy Magazin 12/15
Deaf Forever 8/10
Time-For-Metal 8,4/10
Belgien: Rock Tribune 9/10
Brasilien: Metal Maniac 10/10
UK: (7,5 out of 10)
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Cruachan (CD)
"These modern-day Celtic heathens still load their sonic slingshots with balls of metal." - Zero Tolerance (UK) "The flag of Irish m …[more]

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