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 :: Meisterstich
Meisterstich Ignis Fatuu (CD)
Release: 2016-07-08
The new CD „Meisterstich“ from the medieval-rock band IGNIS FATUU
Albrecht Dürer rocks!

On the occasion of  the 500 year anniversary of Albrecht Dürer, Ignis Fatuu dedicated their whole new Album „Meisterstich“ to him and his outstanding works. It is the first concept album in the band's history which contains 13 powerful, soulful and detailed songs ranging from ballad to metal tunes, spiced with flutes, bagpipe and hurdy gurdy.

On top of the world or in the depths of despair. These catchy and elaborate rock songs transfer the visual beauty of 13 of Albrecht Dürers iconic copper and wood engravings into music. Each song tells a exciting story based on a piece of art Albrecht Dürer created.

The band is proud to have their album mixed by Simon Michael, member of Subway To Sally.
Join Ignis Fatuu on their journey to discover special musical moments – and experience the works of the old master with your ears.

 :: Reviews
"Ignis Fatuu just takes you along on a trip through 13 beautiful and old engravings, a nice approach and a job well done by Ignis Fatuu." (, NL)
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