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 :: Vegvisir
Vegvisir Thrudvangar (CD)
Release: 2020-11-13
Thrudvangar have been an important part of German Viking Metal for almost 20 years and have managed to  be a constant in the scene.

With 'Vegvsir' the boys are now releasing their sixth studio album and none other than Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call) is responsible for the production, in whose Emperial Sound Studios well-known bands such as Victorius, Deliver The Galaxy and Dying Empire have recorded their great albums .

Thrudvangar return to their melodic roots with their new album and reflect on the trademarks of Viking Metal: powerful riffs, catchy melodies and grand choirs take the listener on a journey to the ancient myths and legends of the Vikings.
 :: Reviews
ZephyrsOdem 10/10 points

Time For Metal (DE), 8/10
Route 666 (DE), 8/10
"The waiting time of 7 years was worth it - a very solid Viking Metal release!" - Folk Metal (NL), 9/10
"Beautiful Viking Metal with catchy riffs and melodies!" - Musika (BE)

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