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SALTATIO MORTIS - 10 Jahre Wild Und Frei (CD/DVD Digibook)

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SALTATIO MORTIS - 10 Jahre Wild Und Frei (CD/DVD Digibook)
FOR OVERSEA COSTUMERS, PLEASE BE AWARE: 16:9 PAL FORMAT. Deluxe Digibook in CD Format. The Extraordinary 10-Year Anniversary Show. 10 years have past since the band's humble beginnings, but Saltatio Mortis continues to stay true to their minstrel oath. With their memorable songs and live performances, they have acquired an ever-growing and very loyal fan base. Their last studio album,"Wer Wind Saet", reached number 10 in the German album charts and their subsequent live release, "Manufactum II", reached number 25. Despite their success, the band refused to take a break and soon began working on their 10th anniversary celebration. The extraordinary anniversary concert was recorded in October 2010 at the the historic town hall in Wuppertal, and presents a monumental audio-visual display of Saltatio Mortis' showmanship. The bright colors and crystal-clear sound set the stage for magnificent renditions of the band's extensive discography. An energetic Saltatio Mortis never falters when delivering the myriad hits of their career (e.g., "Salz der Erde", "Le Corsaire", "Varulfen", and "Spielmannsschwur") to a limited audience of 2000 frenzied fans. An illustrious group of guests also joins in on the celebration: Metal queen Doro Pesch, Eric Fish (Subway to Sally), Victor Smolski (Rage), Dr. Pest (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter), and many more take to the stage. The DVD captures this playful and emotional evening, bringing this historic milestone to the comfort of living rooms everywhere. "Wild und frei" is an incredible testament to a phenomenal band and is available as a mediabook in CD format and as a limited mediabook in DVD format. Both versions include an extensive "Making of" and a 17-track live audio CD. The limited edition also includes a bonus DVD comprising the tour report, the band history, and the 70-minute after show gig focusing on the rarely performed acoustic medieval fair music of the band's early years.

Type: DVD [CD + DVD Digibook]

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