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Irdorath - The Final Sin (Digi-CD)

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Irdorath - The Final Sin (Digi-CD)
IRDORATH have been churning out their breed of blackened thrash for nearly fifteen years.Their latest release, The Final Sin, seems to be the result of so many years homing in on their unique sound, delivering a relentless, energetic and explosive release that doesn’t over-indulge their creative talents or wander into the realms of repetitiveness

The black metal element of their sound comes through immediately in the dramatic opening moments of Chains of Virtue. Sound effects give way to a slow first verse, which in turn gives way to an explosive, blast beat-laden opener. The vocal style of front man Markus Leitner falls somewhere between VEKTOR and HATEBREED, while IRDORATH really do bridge the gap between thrash and black metal, exactly as they claim to. They leave the intentional lo-fi sound of black metal behind and move towards a polished and aggressive, but often rather melodic, sound that places them on the thrash side of the spectrum. At the same time, they almost exclusively replace the semi-shout of thrash with the menacing scream of black metal, while retaining the darkness and dissonance of black metal riffage. (distortedsoundmag.com)

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