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Aasgard - Obscurantist Purification (CD)

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Aasgard - Obscurantist Purification (CD)
Aasgard - Obscurantist Purification (CD)
The Greek black metal band Aasgard (Aasgard = home of the Gods in Nordic mythology) was formed 2006. After two ep’s, two split albums and two full-length albums, they have built up a loyal fan base in the underground scene. Now they are back with their 3rd full length album “Obscurantist Purification” on Unexploded Records.

The new album have Necronomicon so the theme and composed by 9 occult songs and rituals. Old school Greek black metal with sound from the past filled with darkness and mysticism gathering in 43 minutes! Comes with an outstanding artwork made by Kouros Metal Art. A must have for fans of NECROMANTIA, MORTUARY DRAPE, VARATHRON etc!

“After “Obscurantist Purification” I want more. This is just such a black metal what I want – is primitive, reaches deep into the roots of music in the early nineties, to the sounds raw, that black metal should sound.” – Chaos Vault

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