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Drauggard - WyrdWeorc (CD)

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Drauggard - WyrdWeorc (CD)
DRAUGGARD is a Russian-Austrian black metal trinity with numerous shows done in the lands of Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Formed in 2003 in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, the band has been patiently progressing towards its own style that is a premium blend of various genres of metal with a considerable portion of Black Metal music in the main, both lyrically and musically. The metaphoric lyrics of DRAUGGARD refers to the old Norse heathenry which the band considers to be relevant today like never before.

Draugr (singular) or Draugar (plural) is an Icelandic word for an undead entity that is haunting back from time to time afterlife to accomplish what it could not complete during its lifetime. An obsessive apparition of various shapes. Dead thoughts. Stillborn dreams. The Sun… the shadow… the hunger… the winter… the End and the Beginning. The eturnal return. Immer werden.

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