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BlackShore - Terror (CD)

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BlackShore - Terror (CD)
Black/thrash band Black Shore hail from Germany and have been around since 2007. Terror is their third album and is released via Black Skull Records...Reaktor is like a blast in the face with a bazooka. It’s really fucking ferocious, with a dark, intense atmosphere and a old school thrash sound. This track shows just how diverse this band are. They utilize each second really well, wasting no time whatsoever...Troublemakers Black Metal is chaotic and fast paced with insane vocals. I fucking love the urgency and passion in this track. Thrash sometimes doesn’t work for me, but it damn well does here...The whole album so far had been right in my face. There’s a real blackened sound to this track, and the vocals are intense. Black Shore have really crafted something unique. They’ve taken the sound of old school thrash and black metal and given it a new life... (Destructive-music.com) 9/10 points

01. Terror
02. Reaktor
03. Troublemakers Black Metal
04. Panzervergnügen
05. Prayer to the Bombs
06. 52 Meter
07. Dystopian Demon Dynamite
08. Benthams Panoptikon
09. Puking Blood Means Cancer
10. Dimension Ärger
11. U - Bootomagie

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