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Krohm - Slayer of lost martyrs / Crown of the Ancients (CD)

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Krohm - Slayer of lost martyrs / Crown of the Ancients (CD)

Info: A re-issue of Numinas debut child, including the very first demo recording "Slayer Of Lost Martyrs" as bonus! In total a black trip in seven steps lasting for nearly 50 minutes. In addition the artwork has been completely remade to a achieve a more direct approach and the album has also been remastered in the hallways of Octinomos Studios by Fredrik Söderlund! Burzumic BM for those who remember MANES and those who are currently slashing LEVIATHAN!


I. Veneria's Call
II. Psychic Pandemonioum
III. Crown of the Ancients
IV. Intro/Gone Astray
V. The Cry of the Witch
VI. Slayer of Lost Martyrs
VII. God of Wisdom and Torture

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