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Myhrding - 1350 (CD)

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Myhrding - 1350 (CD)
After their two highly acclaimed album “A Legacy of Shadows” (2012) and “Nordens Mörkaste Kapitel” (Nordic Darkest Chapter) (2014), they have hailed to preserving the Swedish national treasures like Dissection, and their Northern neighbors Immortal. Now is MYHRDING back with their third album! This concept-album, which bears the title of “1350” is based on the year when the plague came to Sweden and each song has lyric connected to the Black Death. The band continues to deliver Scandinavian Black Metal in the same way as of their previous works with both Swedish and Englich lyrics. They mix both slow and fast songs. Parts of clean vocals and acoustic instruments gives the album just the right feeling.

Just like their previous albums, they have worked with Richard “Tiwaz” Kottelin from THE LEGION in the studio Art Decay (THE LEGION, DEVIAN etc) to get the sound they want. Came with a outstandning artwork made by A.L. from VALKYRJA. And hailed with killer reviews like:

“I can not make a single weak song on this album, the disc is addictive! Fans of MYHRDING should strike anyway, since “1350” is my opinion – after hearing the old stuff – the best album so far. Because of the previously written by me I can not go here as the highest score: 10 points and off for it!” – 10/10 T.Roxx, Bleeding4Metal

“Myhrding deliver “1350” their so far strongest work. The sound, which is much darker than its predecessors, but which has been developed by the Swedes, is likely to offer many interesting songs for fans of melodic Black Metal as well as Swedish Melodic Death. And since there are still 11 songs, which come to 56 minutes, but they never get bored, you can definitely access it!” – Metalviewer

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