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Paradoxxon - Schmucklos (CD)

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Paradoxxon - Schmucklos (CD)
Paradoxxon - Schmucklos (CD)
RELEASE DATE: 13.11.2020 (we send the CD a few days before the release date!)

Paradoxxon came into being in the beginning of 2015 with the founding memebers: Sven, Karsten, Jürgen, and Jacek (Ex Vocalist of Protector). It all started as a group of guys getting together to have creative freedom in their own band and have fun playing music together, what happened was an intense creative explosion.

Right at the beginning we as a band realized we needed to do something different with the drums, so we asked Steffen to take over that position, his new energy let us write and play faster and more complex songs.

We recorded our demo CD "Der Weg" a short time later. This allowed us to express ourselves even more to our liking and it is said that our live shows are intense. We developed our style through concerts as headliner and also performances as a warm up for Obscurity, by example.
And last but certainly not least, our final member joined us: Björn. He has completed Paradoxxon, let us grow musically and made song writing easier. We all let our own experiences and tastes flow into our music making, this is what keeps our music exciting, intense, and unique. We as Paradoxxon enjoy our artistic freedom and do not wish to be pigeonholed.

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