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ELIS - Catharsis (CD + DVD DIGI)

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ELIS - Catharsis (CD + DVD DIGI)
Ltd Ed Deluxe Digipack incl. 2 Bonus Tracks and Bonus DVD Live At Metal Female Voices Festival 2007
Elis return from the depths of life with their darkest and strongest album ever: "Catharsis", or healing through suffering. Heavy guitar riffs and catchy, yet unexpected compositions unite with detailed vocal melodies in a charming symbiosis. The new front lady Sandra Schleret plays impressively with the nuances of her voice to include oriental melodic sounds, fragile emotions, and rock odysseys, proving her extensive vocal capabilities. The experiences of the previous year, i.e., the dark times that Elis and their new vocalist lived through, form the basis of the lyrical content. At first, each band member tackled the demons alone, but soon found the necessary strength in each other to combat destiny's blows and create the music that with its incessant energy will place the band once again at the top of the Gothic Metal scene. The powerful, yet clean production is the work of Alex Krull (Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity). "Catharsis is an extraordinary Gothic Metal jewel that once heard, will not voluntarily be allowed to slip out of your hands.

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