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GOD DISEASE - Drifting Towards Inevitable Death CD

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GOD DISEASE - Drifting Towards Inevitable Death CD
GOD DISEASE 'Drifting Towards Inevitable Death'

With their long awaited debut album 'Drifting Towards Inevitable Death' the Finns God Disease created the soundtrack to a never-ending winter, full of melancholy and filthy brutality. Expect gnawed-by-rotten-maggots Death/Doom Metal at it's best.

Track listing:

01.Descending Into Abyss
02.At The Pillars Of Kadatheron
03.Cadaver Sculptor
04.King Of Maggot Crawling Flesh
05.Cathedral Gates
06.Death... Is Just A Beginning
07.Blessed Darkness
08.Drifting Towards Inevitable Death

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