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Grá - Ending (DigiCD)

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Grá - Ending (DigiCD)
Grá - Ending (DigiCD)
“Ending” is the second full lenght album by Swedish black metal band Grá. Formed in Stockholm back in 2010 by Heljarmadr (CURSED 13, DOMGÅRD, DARK FUNERAL) and Dimman (SPAZMOSITY, CURSED 13).

To add to the dynamics of the album, several guests were involved to contribute with lyrics and vocals. “Þar Til Eldurinn Mig Gleypir” contains lyrics and vocals in Icelandic by Eldur (DEN SAAKALDTE, FORTID), “Helfärd pt.III (Den Gamle)” was created as a duet with Heljarmadr and Grim Vindkall (DOMGÅRD, SNAKESKIN ANGELS, NOX AUREA) with lyrics by Grim. The lyrics for “I Döden” were written and sung by the man behind one-man band Panphage (ex-DOMGÅRD).

Feat DARK FUNERAL’s vocalist at vocals. Feat also Eldur (DEN SAAKALDTE, FORTID), Grim Vindkall (DOMGÅRD, SNAKESKIN ANGELS) and Panphage (ex-DOMGÅRD) so guests on the album. GRÀ open up on DARK FUNERAL’s: exclusive 20 Years Anniversary show “20 years of Satanic Symphonies”.

A must have for every complete black metal collection. Came in an exclusive 6 panel digipack with a 12 page booklet.

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