Folk / Pagan / Viking
“RUSSIA Special” at Trollzorn online store! We got a big parcel with many different CDs of Folk, Pagan and Viking Bands. All bands mainly came from countries like Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. You will find a Youtube link to the songs when you look at the CDs in our online shop. All CDs are available for just 8,99 Euro, but only for a short time… Here is the list of these bands:

Arkona,Auringon Hauta,BeerBear,Butterfly Temple,Fangorn,Forodwaith, Goverla,Grai,Hagbard,Haive,Haspyd,Litvintroll,Lutavierje,Morok
Nasledie Vagantov,Nevid,Oriana, Pagan Reign,
Percival,Rakoth,Rarog,Rogatyj Kolokol,Ruyan,
Ryevit, Satanakozel,Severnie,Vrata,Shexna,Simargl,
Troll,Bends Fir,Troll Orchestra,
Veda,Wartha,Wolf Rahm,Znich

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