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Manam - Ouroboros (CD)

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Manam - Ouroboros (CD)
Manam - Ouroboros (CD)
the new record is a concept album about alchemical initiation in the typical MANAM's style made of epic, cathartic and emotional songs. With influences that range from death metal to classical music and jazz, their music can be better described as "spiritual metal", a metaphysical power that transcends any labels or mental wall. 

„There’s so many elements at play on this album that, if anything, the melo-death side of the sound is no more than a base, upon which the vast majority of what makes this album great is built. There’s everything from symphonic music to prog to slight hints at folk music on offer here, and it’s very hard not to get caught up in the music.“ (distortedsoundmag.com)

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