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Minas Morgul - ÄRA (DIGI)

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Minas Morgul - ÄRA (DIGI)
By now 4 full length albums and numerous live concerts have established Minas Morgul in the German and international metal scene and created a stable name. Stylistically, they offer versatile melodic black / death metal full of traditional and modern influences. Fat guitar riffs , anthemic melodies , driving drums, blast beats and groovy parts , made ??of alternating high and low growls fill the songs and make them their own through the typical " Morgul grade of" distinctive. Punchy , heroic, brutal and destructive carves the music to the ears . To celebrate the 15th anniversary tape dubbing Morgul their 5th Album and publish in the fall of the " ÄRA". With 13 tracks and over 70 minutes playing time they come up trumps with their most mature and varied album. 13 songs , which could hardly be more different probably representing a multi-faceted range of extreme metal , and all but one thing in common

Minas Morgul's style is very direct and aggressive. Sometimes the song are slower but sometimes everything becomes more brutal and faster. The production perfectly suits the style of the music. if I need to label and characterize their music I would say that they're preforming Pagan Black Metal. So, if you are a fan of black metal or even melodic deaht metal and you are into Pagan scene you shouldn't miss this one! (Metal-sound.net)

LEGACY 12/15

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